Everyone has done it: Gone down Youtube rabbit holes! You log on to watch one video, then six hours later it’s 3 AM and you’re watching Irish Gypsys duke it out with their cousins, as narrated by Joe Rogan in conversation with Neil DeGrasse Tyson, right before Neil moves on to explaining why there aren’t any flying cars yet.

You don’t know how you got there, but you don’t know how to get away from there.

When you take this into consideration as a marketer, you quickly realize that Youtube Marketing is probably going to be highly cost effective, with an engaged audience that gives you their full attention.

Youtube as a platform is designed to keep you right there on the platform. Their algorithms focus on finding related content you will like, to keep you on the site. The Youtube audience is engaged because they want to see what happens at the end of the video “Does the guy recover from the hideous fall?” “Does he lose all his teeth, or just some?”

In the old days Youtube didn’t really have a lot of advertising on the site, but these days there is a ton of advertising options. As it’s still seen as a relatively new platform by many in terms of advertising, Youtube Marketing can offer you a huge opportunity to produce a positive ROI with your marketing campaigns.

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How to market on Youtube & make Youtube work for you

First of all if you want to run a successful Youtube Marketing campaign, you need to create a video that gathers attention in the first 5 seconds. That doesn’t mean it needs to be something outrageously funny (although it wouldn’t hurt), it just needs to hook the viewer in from the beginning. Whether that’s a how to video, an opinion or whatever else, there’s got to be enough in there from the beginning to capture the audience’s attention.


If you do capture their attention, you can build an entire company off just one Youtube video. Dollar Shave Club did more or less that in spectacular fashion.


With one Youtube marketing campaign, they went from “that sounds like a crazy idea” to “Oh my God you sold your company for how much”?

youtube marketing right marketing campaign

We’ll talk more about them in a while when we get to our list of the 50 examples of some of the best youtube marketing out there.

Regardless of your industry, you can guarantee that your audience is on Youtube. It’s just about targeting them with the right Youtube Marketing Strategy

Youtube marketing strategy

When it comes to Youtube Marketing Strategy there’s 3 routes you can choose:




Organic Youtube Marketing

Create a Youtube Channel. Make videos all day. Become an instant influencer. Right? This is the route chosen by many, but mastered by few. However some people have built amazing businesses off the back of successful organic marketing on Youtube.


Something that’s often forgotten, is that Youtube is actually the world’s second biggest search engine after Google.


On top of that, Youtube videos often rank in Google’s organic search results, giving you 2 potential sources of traffic and tons of opportunities to gain more customers.


If you want to learn how to create videos that rank organically on Youtube, then check out this Youtube ranking guide by Backlinko

Paid Youtube Marketing

As a paid marketing platform, youtube is actually probably one of the fairest, because in most cases, you only pay to market to people who actually engage with your content.


You those little annoying videos that come up with the “skip after 5 seconds” option? There’s a reason for that. A business who pays youtube to market on their platform, only pays for engagement. So if someone skips their ad after 5 seconds, they don’t pay a penny. And better yet, they only pay if someone watches at least 30 seconds of their video (or to the end if their video is shorter than 30 seconds.


It’s interruption marketing at it’s finest. You interrupt your customer, but you only pay if that customer truly “played”.


Compare that with the traditional television advertising model. The Network runs a show, they estimate the audience that watches it and you advertise with them based on that “hunch” and your video ad plays in the middle of the show.


First of all a ton of the people who saw your ad might not be in your target demographic and you have no way of knowing.


But worst of all, once that ad has played on TV, your marketing money is gone, regardless of whether your target audience watched it or not. (Let’s be honest here, they probably fast forwarded through a recorded version)


Paid Youtube Marketing levels the playing field. Even small businesses can create video ads, with low budgets, get them in front of their target audience and most importantly: only pay when that audience engages.

youtube marketing focus target audience

Amazing examples of Youtube video marketing

Great YouTube video marketing takes a lot more than just putting your product in front of a camera.


It needs to appeal to your audience on an emotional level.


People need to feel something about what they see on their screen or they’ll forget about it.


Unfortunately, creating content that does exactly what you want it to is easier said than done.


Many companies have tried and failed to go viral. There’s no exact formula for making a viral video, but chances are you’ll know one when you see it.


Whether they were backed by huge marketing budgets or put together from nothing, they have two things in common. They’re creative and they’re memorable.


Now that we’ve explained why you should embark on a Youtube Marketing campaign. We want to give you some inspiration.


We’ve spent countless hours going down many Youtube Rabbit holes, to bring you 50 examples of the best Youtube marketing campaigns of all time. (It’s a tough job, but someone’s got to do it)


Right there at number one is the aforementioned Dollar Shave Club, and you may even be sick of hearing about them by now, but we’ve also got some other amazing examples to help you get your creative juices flowing.


These 50 Amazing youtube marketing examples should give you a ton of inspiration to create your own youtube video marketing campaign. So, in no particular order, here they are…


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