Why have you received an email from us?


At Design Wizard, we treat privacy with the upmost importance. If you have received an email from us that you weren’t expecting, then it’s most likely because we believe our product can improve your life or your business in a number of ways, and that you would be interested to learn about our product as a result. 

Under the terms of the new GDPR regulations, we have processed your data comes under Legitimate Interest article 6(1) Sub Paragraph F:

“Processing is necessary for the purposes of the legitimate interests pursued by the controller or by a third party, except where such interests are overridden by the interests or fundamental rights and freedoms of the data subject which require protection of personal data, in particular where the data subject is a child.”

I will explain further and in more detail exactly why we would have reached out.

We believe that there are 3 categories of people that may be interested in our product and therefore would have grounds to contact under legitimate interest.


  1. Business Owners, Entrepreneurs & CEO’s
  2. People who work at Agencies such as Marketing or Design Agencies, or Consultancies
  3. People who work in marketing related roles, such as CMO’s, Heads Of Marketing, Marketing Managers, Marketing Specialists, Social Media Managers etc.


Legitimate interest for Business Owners, Entrepreneurs & CEO’s

Our tool helps business owners save time and save money. Businesses need great marketing content, Design Wizard allows our users to create amazing content at a fraction of the cost. Often times, budgets can be tight, so a tool like ours allows business owners to create great content that stands out, without any design experience. The people in this bracket might not know such a tool exists and that they can create great looking marketing material for digital and print without a large budget. We believe that Design Wizard would be of interest to the people in this category.

Legitimate interest for People who work at related agencies such as Marketing or Design Agencies, or consultancies

Marketing and design agencies tend to be hired by businesses to do things that they can’t do themselves, such as social media ads, print design, pay per click ads, content marketing and more. Our tool allows these agencies to do all of these things for their client but in a quicker more cost effective way. One person who used the tool (a designer) said:

“it did EXACTLY what I needed. That design – starting from a template took me about 10 minutes. versus – starting from a blank canvas in photoshop probably would have 30-45 minutes.”

This is an illustration of how the tool satisfied someone in this field. If an agency charges X amount per month for their services and one of those services normally takes X amount of time, but this same amount of time would be halved with Design Wizard, meaning that if they charged their client the same amount but achieved the same result in less time, they would become more profitable, allowing them to take on more clients and increase their revenue. We believe that a marketing/design agency or consultant would want to know that this was possible, and that there is a legitimate interest for us to reach out and tell them about it.

Legitimate interest for people who work in marketing roles

Our product would provide a number of uses for people who work in marketing roles. First of all, a boot-strapped marketing department may not have a budget to hire designers or marketing agencies, in this case Design Wizard would allow them to create marketing graphics that retain a high quality feel, on a lower budget. As well as that Marketing departments can benefit from the time saving aspect, so if you take the example of a larger marketing department that has a social media manager and an in-house designer. To allow the designer focus on larger projects that would be deemed more important, when the social media manager has a “small, less important” task, such as creating a facebook post, they could do it in Design Wizard, retain the quality and allow the designer to focus on more important tasks. This is something we believe people in this category would be interested in and that is why we are processing their data.

If you are unsure of how we found you, or wish to know the exact reason why we are contacting you in this case, as well as how we found your contact information and where it is stored, you can do so by emailing info@designwizard.com.

What methods did you use to find my information?

We use a number of methods to identify pieces of content that are possibly relevant to us and it is likely that we found your website through one of these methods. Here is a more detailed explanation of how we might have come across your content, identified it as a piece of relevant content and searched for your contact information to reach out to you:


  1. We look for people in senior positions or self employed with their own business (of varying sizes) through Google, Linkedin and other applicable ways of searching for professionals
  2. We look for related businesses to ours, often marketing agencies or similar such as graphic design agencies, where they themselves either would have a use for our product, or would have an audience that could use it. In this case we reach out to them and offer them some value, such as the product for free for a period, or the opportunity to guest post on our site. We also explain to them the reasons why Design Wizard may be useful to them and how it could increase their profit margins and decrease the time they spend working on client campaigns.
  3. We look for people who work in marketing related postitions through Google, Linkedin and other applicable ways of searching for professionals


In some cases we might use a different method to find you, but as mentioned previously if you have any doubts as to how we came across your content, you have the right to request an exact answer, by emailing info@designwizard.com.


Why are we contacting you specifically?


We’ve identified you as the right person to contact and we’ve identified that you are likely the best person to talk to. For instance you might be the owner of the business or someone else that is relevant such as the CEO, CMO, marketing manager, marketing executive or something else that’s relevant.


How did we obtain your contact details?


We use a number of different tools to find email addresses, all of these tools are freely available and obtain email addresses through public means. These tools include:






Find Any Email



Voila Norbert  



Datanyze Insider


Find that email




Don’t want to receive an email from us? No problem!


When we send outreach emails, we do so because we believe we are helping to add value, and we do not want to send unwanted emails, so we take your privacy very seriously. If you believe that we should not be contacting you or just don’t want us to contact you, it’s absolutely not a problem, there’s a number of ways you can request this and we are very happy to accommodate this. First of all, you can reply to the email you received with something simple like “unsubscribe” “cancel” “stop” “unsub” or anything else that is relevant, we will mark you as do not contact in our database and will add you to the unsubscribe list in our email tool so that we will not send you any further emails. You can also email info@designwizard.com and ask us to remove you from our lists and even to delete any information related to you completely out of our database.


We have a process in place to remove your data and if you do request that all data is removed then we will do so in a timely fashion, the maximum time frame we deem as being acceptable is 30 days but in the majority of cases we delete your data way before that.


What personal data have we collected?


We do not look for or find what we believe to be sensitive data that isn’t otherwise freely available. We have collected the following personal data in the process of searching for relevant content:


Your website domain

The exact url of the article that is relevant

Your name

Your email address


How long do we keep your data?


When we find your details and identify you as the person to contact, we record and store your data securely, once we have reached out to you we make every effort to ensure that your data is moved from the live contact sheet within 30 days. However we do retain the data we found (Unless you request us to remove it).

The reason for this is pretty straightforward: to check for duplicates and make sure that we don’t contact you multiple times and end up spamming you.

To give you an  example, let’s say we actively searched for marketing agencies in New York, we would go to Google and use the search term “Marketing Agency New York” then we would record the relevant contact details to reach out and tell them how they could benefit from using Design Wizard (IE save time and save money)

If we didn’t retain the list of people we contacted, to check if we had already contacted them or not, we would end up constantly finding the same people over and over again and constantly sending them emails. We do not want this to happen because it would be very annoying for these people to constantly receive emails from us

This is the reason we retain the information we found after we already contacted you.

Because we don’t want to keep finding and duplicating you and constantly emailing you. Ideally we only want to email you once about a specific piece way Design Wizard can benefit the business, then follow up two to three more times to make sure you received our email, if you don’t respond to those emails we do not want to keep contacting you and in fact want to make sure that we don’t contact you again in relation to this.

As explained above though, if you want us to delete and data related to you that we have found and store, we are more than happy to do so.

Your privacy is important to us. If you have any questions about the data we found, how we found it and how it’s stored please do not hesitate to contact us, either by replying to the outreach email you received or by emailing us at info@designwizard.com