Terms & Conditions / Fine Print


The Video Bundle Deal offer is “50 video credits for $29.99”. These credits allow you to create, design and download SD and HD videos in the Design Wizard App. To get the full value of the offer we suggest you always choose the HD option when downloading your video design.


Upon purchase, you will receive a code in your Design Wizard account. Once you enter your Video Bundle Code in your account, you will unlock your 50 credits. These credits allow you to choose and edit any 50 videos using our extensive video library and online video editing tool.


There is no expiry date on your video credits. When the code is applied, the video credits will remain on your account until you have used all 50 of them.


These are not renewable monthly credits. The deal is for a once-off bundle of 50 video credits that you can use as you please. When they are all downloaded your credits will not be replenished. 


The code to add video credits to your account must be applied within 3 months of purchase.


Each time you have downloaded a video that you created in the app, it will cost you 1 credit, regardless of whether you have already made a video design using the same footage or video content.


For example; if you use the same video footage twice, but need to change the text on your original design, then the total cost for this will be 2 credits to download. 1 on the original video and 1 on the video with the new text.


Regardless of if you use the same footage in a video, if any elements such as text or anything else need to be changed it will cost an additional credit. If you need to re-download a design you created already without altering it then you can do so in your purchase history.


Video credits and image credits are independent of each other. You cannot use image credits in your account as a replacement for video credits (and vice versa). 


If you don’t purchase this deal then the cost for a video is $4.99 to download in the SD version or $19.99 to download in HD. (Other fees such as taxes are applicable depending on the region you are based in).


It is not possible to “stack” this deal. It is limited to one per customer, if you buy it more than one you can be refunded for the second purchase.


You are only legible for a refund if you do not use any of the video credits to download a video. If you use a video from this deal, you will not be eligible to receive a refund.


Additional charges such as taxes will not be refunded. Refunds for this deal will not be issued after 30/09/2021.



Frequently Asked Questions


Can this deal be stacked?

No, it’s limited to one per account, if you buy more than one you won’t be able to apply the second code to the same account.



Do I need to use the 50 videos right away?

No. Once you have applied the code to your account you can use the use them as you need.



Does the code expire?

When you purchase this deal you have 3 months to apply the code for the video credits to your account. Once it’s applied you can use them at your leisure. Your video credits will never expire.



The only videos I can find in the app are $4.99, where are the $20 videos?

The default pricing displayed is for the SD version of videos. When you complete your video design, you will be asked if you want to purchase the SD version for $4.99 or the HD version instead of $19.99. 

With this deal, you will be able to choose the HD version, and rather than it charging you $19.99 it will take a credit from the 40 you have bought.



Is there a difference between SD and HD video credits?

By purchasing this deal you will be adding 50 video credits to your account. Our system does not differentiate between SD and HD videos with credits, so when you have completed your video design and are ready to download, be sure to always choose the HD version to ensure you are receiving the full value of the deal.


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