Moodboard Maker

Also called an inspiration board, creating this type of file with our easy to use moodboard maker, enables you to capture that perfect feeling in a truly inspired way!

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How to Create the Perfect Moodboard

Whether you’re looking to create an amazing presentation for a client or you simply want to create a mood board to inspire yourself daily, we have a drag and drop moodboard maker that anyone can master.

After setting up your Design Wizard account, you can start searching through our library of templates. Any mood, any feeling can be captured through our professionally designed moodboard templates.

Start selecting / uploading your photos, images, colors, textures, text, whatever you want to include. You can also search through our comprehensive library of designs and photos.

Place your images throughout your moodboard. You can at this point adjust your photos as well: change the size, add filters, alter color settings. The moodboard templates are also fully customizable. Give them your own special touch and still have a stunning finished product.

Download and share your brand new moodboard. It really is that simple, no graphic design experience required.

Mood Boards for Print

Imagine printing a rich, detailed collage that you can then use to present or pitch to a prospective client. Capture the essence of your product, enhance your overall message, give them something to talk about with an imaginative and thought-provoking mood board.

Moodboard makers can also be used to create various types of displays, such that have the capacity to bring a new dimension to any brand identity.

Your Personal Mood Board

Moodboards aren’t just for business. Also known as inspiration boards, your mood board design might just be that perfect inspirational push you need each day to go after your dreams and achieve your goals!

Adding unique textures, personal photos that can be further customized, even stock images from our library that speak to you, you can quickly and easily create something truly spectacular.

Collaborate and Design Together

The great thing about Design Wizard’s moodboard maker is that you can collaborate with friends, team members and colleagues. Designs created in tandem with others can prove to be even more dynamic. And in preparing for a presentation for example, you all have the ability to contribute in order to develop the best moodboard possible.

An Easy-to-Use Online Tool

The task at hand may seem daunting: create a mood board featuring many layers, photos, images and ideas. You might be wondering whether or not such a task is even in your wheelhouse. This is precisely why Design Wizard was born. Our editing tools and ready to go templates make it easy. Even someone with no graphic design experience can quickly learn to use our moodboard maker.

We offer an abundance of design elements that can be incorporated into this or any project you have in mind. Give it a try; take your creativity for a test drive and you just might be amazed at what you come up with!