Animated Text Generator

Create one-of-a-kind animated text effects and make your videos truly stand out. Design Wizard’s animated text options help add an element of the unexpected to any video clip. Whether you’re going for a 3D animated effect or more whimsical animated writing, we have a variety of animated text templates to choose from.

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How to Use Animated Text Generators

You don’t have to have professional-level design skills and a graphics background to be able to incorporate animated text into your video files. Our easy-to-navigate dashboard lets even a novice experiment with animated writing options and animated text templates for any relevant project.

Step 1: Upload your video. You can also choose from our extensive library of video clips. Professionally shot footage that you can customize with 3D animated writing to create a fun and eye-catching clip.

Step 2: Simply click on “Text” and you will see a range of features and animated text choices. The difference between static text and using animated text generators instead, really does help give any video a multi-dimensional appeal.

Step 3: Download and share. And that is all there is to it. You now have a video customized with animated writing that will definitely get people’s attention.

Why Include Animated Writing?

Videos certainly can tell a story, but if you want to emphasize your message all the more, using animated text generators offers a brilliant solution to elevate your content. With 3D animated writing you can:

1. Speak to your brand. A selection of animation options makes brand messaging more fun.

2. Customize and create a compelling visual. A range of customization options—everything from font size, to color, to the specific way in which the animated text moves—allows you to tap into that inner graphic designer.

3. Create elaborate social media messages. There are a ton of video clips at any given time that can be found on social media platforms. But including kinetic typography helps separate your post from everybody else’s.

An Easy-to-Use Kinetic Text Animator

Design Wizard’s wide range of graphic design and video editing tools were created to help anyone develop professional-level results. It’s easier than you might think to integrate animated text into any project. Think outside the box. Get creative and have a little fun as far as customizing your text.

We offer a range of features enabling you to unleash your inner designer. And when it comes to kinetic typography you really are able to generate a compelling and attention-grabbing message.