Protect Your Photos Using a Watermark Maker

Your intellectual and artistic property is important, and so you obviously are going to want to protect those photos and images. Using a watermark maker, you have the ability to create your own distinctive watermark. Including a visual element in order to watermark photos, something that distinguishes your images and prevents people from using them for free simply makes sense. 

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A Watermark Effect Serves Many Purposes

Why include watermarks on your images and photos? A watermark actually serves multiple purposes. First off, watermarks can protect your photo, a batch of images, anything that you want to prevent people from using for free. Additionally, by using a watermark maker, you are giving your brand greater outreach. Use your logo as a watermark, as this is the central symbol of your brand. Or use any distinctive images/icons you choose. Design Wizard's watermark maker lets you create stunning visual designs!

How to Design Watermarks Online

Whether you want to add text to a photo and make that your watermark or you have some other effect in mind, our watermark maker helps you get the job done in minutes. We offer numerous premium features to help you create something spectacular as far as your visual watermark. Or start with a free trial to get a general feel for how to protect a photo with a watermark. 

Step 1: Upload the Photo You’d Like to Watermark

You can do this straight from your computer and/or device. The easy-to-use Design Wizard dashboard walks you through the process. You can create professional watermarks that represent the spirit of your work!

Step 2: Choose Your Preferred Watermark Template

We offer a ton of watermark choices. Or of course, you can always upload one that you create. A logo works great when it comes to watermarks for your images.

Step 3: Start to Create Your Unique Watermark

This is where you get to have some fun and customize the watermark template you chose. From color to style to font, get creative using our watermark maker. You can even make adjustments to the photos you download for greater visual impact. We give you the tools to create the exact watermark you need. 

Step 4: Download Your Custom Watermark and Add it to a Photo or a Batch of Photos

Add it to as many photos as you want for that matter. The goal is to protect your property and prohibit people from using it for free. Photos and personal images can be accessed anywhere on the internet--what's stopping people from downloading yours!

Watermarks: Getting the Perfect Effect

The great thing is, we’ve already done most of the work for you. No graphic design experience is needed to get started using our watermark maker. Even a novice can learn how to create a professional-looking watermark with our easy to navigate drag and drop tools and intuitive watermark design creator. And everything is customizable, allowing users to come up with truly unique and personal watermarks.

Should You Add a Logo or Text as Your Watermark?

The fun thing about incorporating watermarks onto your photos and images is that you really can do whatever you want. Want to boost your brand while protecting a photo—then add a company logo with our watermark tools. If you want to get creative with text, that makes for a wonderful watermark as well. Design Wizard’s watermark maker lets you choose exactly how you want your watermark to look on your photo when all is said and done.

You Can’t Go Wrong with a Watermark

You might be thinking that you may not necessarily need to add a watermark to your photos…But then what is stopping people from taking your images and using them for free? With our watermark creator and template, you have the peace of mind that comes with knowing your photos are protected. You can create that perfect visual watermark to make your images look even more professional.