Create a Stunning Background with Our Free Wallpaper Maker

Your wallpaper should reflect who you are and your unique style. Design Wizard’s free wallpaper maker allows you to design a background that really highlights your personality! You can make just about any type of wallpaper imaginable. Our professional design team has pulled out all the stops—you just need to let your creativity run free and customize one of our wallpaper templates to complement your personality or even your brand for that matter!

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A Wallpaper Maker That Results in an Amazing Design

The background design of your computer or phone should of course be something special and unique to you! If it’s for your business, you might want to spotlight a logo. A logo with a complementing color background really does make for a dynamic wallpaper design. You just have to pick a template and make it work for your brand.

Distinctive Backgrounds Providing Professional Results

When it comes to high-quality wallpaper, we’ve got you covered. And the great thing is you can use Design Wizard’s wallpaper maker to create multiple wallpapers. A distinct background for your phone, another kind of wallpaper for your computer, and yet another wallpaper for your tablet—the sky really is the limit with our templates and graphics tools.

How to Use a Wallpaper Maker to Create Multiple Wallpapers

As you edit your templates, keep in mind, you can always switch out your wallpaper. Maybe this week you feel like incorporating a background that is fun and whimsical. And then next week your mood turns toward a classic or majestic wallpaper—create new wallpaper weekly, monthly, even daily if you are so inclined. Our wallpaper maker gives you the freedom of choice...lots of choices! Which template will you select?

Step 1: Browse through our wallpaper library and select from our templates

Which wallpaper suits you best? That is what you should ask yourself as you evaluate our wallpaper templates and determine which style wallpaper makes the most sense for you. Also think about where you intend to use that wallpaper—the content of your phone’s wallpaper is probably going to be different than the wallpaper you choose for your desktop.

Step 2: You can customize your wallpaper templates for free!

Any and all templates that you choose can be fully customized using Design Wizard’s wallpaper creator. And you don’t need to be a graphics expert to get stunning results. Our step by step tutorials and easy to use dashboard walk you through the wallpaper making process! Change up the background colors, images and graphics. Go through our media library and select from all sorts of free content with which to customize your wallpaper design.

Step 3: Make your wallpaper personal

Perhaps you want to include personal photos and/or any special graphics you have. It is incredibly easy to make your wallpapers totally unique to you. They should after all be meaningful!

Step 4: Download your wallpaper design and use the wallpaper wherever you like

Again, anyone can create stunning, vibrant and professional looking wallpaper for whatever device they intend to use their wallpapers on. Impress your friends, wow your colleagues, and make your true personality come through in your custom wallpaper. Download your free wallpaper design and have some fun with it! 

Our Wallpaper Templates Really Do Make a Statement

This isn’t your run-of-the-mill wallpaper maker. We’ve gone the extra mile as our design team has come up with wallpaper designs and templates that far surpass standard or stock wallpaper. Why go with something generic when you can make something spectacular! Simply select your wallpaper template, edit as you see fit, and use your new background wherever you like.

A Wallpaper Maker for Every Occasion

Some people like to change up their wallpaper depending on the time of year. Design Wizard’s wallpaper maker allows you to do that easily. In fact, our wallpaper maker enables you to get the job done in a matter of minutes. Design wallpaper especially for Christmas. Or how about a wallpaper design that showcases summer fun. You can even create wallpaper and/or a background that highlights a special occasion such as a birthday or anniversary. Our templates really are that versatile. So have some fun with our wallpaper maker—we can’t wait to see what kind of design you come up with!