Walk Your Dog Month

How often have you taken Fido or Fluffy or whatever Your Fur Baby’s name happens to be on a walk? A daily walk can be so good for your dog’s health. Did you know that walking your dog just 30 minutes a day can actually increase their energy, amp up their vitality and calm their mood? It can also help you to de-stress as well!

Beyond clean water, their daily meal and petting and snuggling, your best friend also needs regular walks. This is why National Walk Your Dog Month was created: to encourage more dog owners to get out in the fresh air and walk their pets. Now’s the perfect opportunity to show your pooch just how much they mean to you.

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Why is Walk Your Dog Month Important?

While dog owners shouldn’t necessarily need a month dedicated to dog walking—such physical activity should be a part of your canine’s everyday routine—sometimes during a cold month people tend to skip over dog walking. Despite the cold weather however, this holiday season, it is so important that you keep up on your pet’s walks. Why is walking your pet always a good idea:

  • Regular walks improve the quality of life for your dog
  • It’s a terrific physical activity you can do together
  • Dog walking provides mental stimulation
  • It’s also an opportunity for training
  • For pets with obesity, it’s much needed exercise

Start a Dog Walking Group

Did you know that other pet owners make wonderful friends? Why not start a dog walking group during National Walk Your Dog Month? You and your dog both get the benefit of exercise while forming some new bonds. Create a Facebook page and invite people in your area, fellow dog owners, to join. Get creative and post neighborhood flyers advertising your dog walking consortium. Pet lovers looking for a canine walking buddy will surely contact you.

Making Your Dog Walks A Fun Activity

So what can you do to change things up a bit? Sometimes it seems we get stuck in a rut as far as our daily exercise routine. Remember, your canine buddy enjoys adventure too.

  • Practice leash skills during your walks. Knowing how to behave on a leash is so important when it comes to canine etiquette.
  • Focus on the meditative qualities of your walks. Dog walking isn’t just for dogs. Their human friends also enjoy some incredible benefits as well.
  • Decide on one new activity per day. Maybe go to the park and play fetch. Or you can work on social skills around other dogs.
  • Focus on brisk walking. Pick up the pace some days and really reap the health benefits.

Where is Walk Your Dog Month Observed?

Primarily this is one month that has taken hold in the United States. Lately though, some in the UK are starting to participate in National Walk Your Dog Month as well. Wherever you’re located, whether you’re in the midst of winter months or warmer weather, it is always a great time to incorporate walking your dog into your daily exercise schedule!