9 Twitter Banner Templates to customize

Fully customizable Twitter banner templates making it easy to create a cover photo or graphic for your social media account. Twitter is a fantastic social media platform that allows people to express their thoughts and opinions in no more than 280 characters. However, as the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. That's why having the perfect Twitter banner design is a great idea.

All our templates are fully customizable and our free easy-to-use graphic design software makes it a breeze to create something amazing!

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Why put so much time into a Twitter account? 

Twitter is an extremely valuable marketing channel for many businesses. Like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, or any social media platform, it really can help you influence audiences. Not only that but the social media platform can help grow brand awareness, engage with the audience, and generate quality leads if used correctly.

That's why it's important to look the part on the platform. Have a professional-looking profile picture, whether it's a picture of you or simply your logo. This profile picture should be accompanied by a quality-looking Twitter header image. Your Twitter cover or banner image can simply be an attractive-looking graphic, or it could contain your company's slogan and branding.

It could also contain important contact information such as your email or phone number.

How to make a Twitter banner with templates

If you are an active user and are investing time into improving your channel and growing an audience, a well-designed Twitter cover image is important. Thankfully, designing your own Twitter banner or header image couldn't be easier. You can even use your new banner on a YouTube video to increase brand exposure.

Simply browse our selection of quality banner templates until you find one that suits your style, company, or brand until you find what you're looking for. It should in some way reflect you, your company, or brand.

Choosing a background image

Once you have selected a suitable template, you can customize them exactly the way you want. A good place to start with your banner image design is to think about the background. Do you want to replace it with something else? Or would you like to put a nice overlay to give it a colored effect?

Perhaps you just want to use a plain background? It's completely up to you. An image of the blue sky with white clouds, a busy office, a forest, a beach, or food in a restaurant? Whatever you think would best reflect what your Twitter account is focused around, you can add it as a background. Browse our wide selection of thousands of free stock images to help find something suitable for your account. And start to create your new banner.

Add text to your banner

Once you have your background image sorted, start thinking about any text you would like added, if you wish to include your company slogan or philosophy, or other information. Don't forget to select the right font too! If we don't have your own brand font available, you can upload your own fonts to use along with your logo. Get creative!

Change the colors on your banner

You can also change the color of any text, shapes, and graphic elements you have on your template. Simply choose using our free color picker or dropper to get the right shade and tone for your banner of choice.

What is the correct Twitter header size?

There is no need to worry about image size, as every Twitter header is designed with the 'safe area' in mind. This means your cover photo won't be cropped incorrectly and have missing bits in your banner image. All the templates are sized correctly for you to use.

Design a Banner that Makes a Statement

A Twitter header really is about making a design/brand statement on the platform. If you tweet regularly, you obviously are looking to grow your audience. The best way to do that is to make sure that you have a creative and dynamic presence on social media. Using Design Wizard's Twitter header templates and making them your own really can help you to create a more professional presence and hopefully make those audience numbers grow!