A Tri Fold Brochure Template for Your Business

Your business marketing materials are without question key to the success (or lack thereof) of your company. Using Design Wizard’s tri fold brochure template, you have the ability to create a dynamic and professional brochure within a matter of minutes—and you don’t need to be a graphic design expert to do so!

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Why Use Brochure Templates?

Of course you can go ahead and hire a third-party company to create a brochure for you, but why spend the money and leave the brochure design to someone outside of your business. You after all understand your business better than anyone, and that is why you are the best qualified to create and customize a tri-fold brochure.

Design Brochures Online

It’s incredibly easy to get started using our library of business themed templates. Whether you’re looking for tri-fold or a standard fold brochure, we have the template you need to design brochures you can be proud of. Use your brochure online, integrate your brochure into a powerpoint or simply hand them out to prospective clients.

Step 1: Scroll through our templates; determine what type of fold you want for your brochures.

Our design experts have taken care of the hard part for you. You will have the opportunity to customize your new tri-fold brochure and even add photos and business logos.

Step 2: Begin to customize your brochure template.

This is where your vision and creativity come into play! Adjust the color scheme to suit your brand. Select the font type that best reflects your company. Rearrange the layout of any of our brochures. It is totally up to you as you have the opportunity to make your template uniquely your own!

Step 3: Personalize your standard fold or tri fold brochure.

Your brochures are an important piece of the marketing puzzle. As such, they should contain photos showcasing your business team members, your services, any and all aspects of the company that you feel are important to make your brochure stand out.

Step 4: Download and order copies of your new tri-fold brochure.

You have the option of printing your brochure from your home computer. Or, you can send them out for printing and order as many as you need—thereby ensuring optimal brochure quality.

The Many Uses for a Tri-Fold Brochure

As mentioned, marketing efforts can be hugely impacted when incorporating brochures into the plan. A few other key brochure uses, be it a standard fold or a tri fold:

Explanation of new services and / or products.

If your business is launching any new services or products, a tri fold brochure is a great way to provide in-depth explanation and in this way educate consumers.

Spotlight giveaways and promotions

An eye-catching brochure filled with photos and descriptions is a terrific way to get people’s attention for those special promotions, contests, and giveaways you may be sponsoring.

A Brochure Maker that Offers Stunning Results

You don’t need to be a design expert—we’ve got all the bases covered. You just need to integrate your ideas and imagination and, using our templates, create brochures that embody what your business is all about.