Travel Itinerary Template | 10 Customizable Itineraries

A perfect holiday starts with a perfect travel itinerary template. Create your own customizable travel itinerary and start planning your holiday today!

With so much to do and so much to see, planning your vacation can be as complicated as it can be exciting. So, we have made X templates to suit every type of travel go-er! 

Whether it’s a day, a week, or a month-long holiday, make the most of your trip with an itinerary to keep your travel information and plans organized and in one place. Happy travels

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By creating a travel itinerary, you will be far more organized as you will have all your travel arrangement information kept in the one place. This makes for much easier travel between places. Taking your phone out every 5 minutes to find the number of the hostel, the address of the restaurant, or the time of your flight can be tedious (as well as awkward if your phone dies!)

Simply choose a trip itinerary template that suits your needs and edit your itinerary as you need. Download for safekeeping and have your travel plans ready to go, before you go! Whether it’s a road trip, bike trip, or boat trip, our travel itinerary templates are intended to take the difficulty that can often come with planning a vacation.

Travel Checklist:

To help you on your way to an amazing vacation, here is a list of things we recommend you to include in your travel itinerary.

  • Flight number
  • Flight times
  • Arrival time
  • Confirmation numbers
  • Contact details
  • Possible travel expenses
  • Meeting times

Why Do You Need An Itinerary?

Well, you don’t need a travel itinerary, but it can’t hurt to have one. While the modern-day smartphone can do many things, when it’s out of battery, it's out of battery. Were itinerary is written in stone (or on paper usually) Just don't lose it. An itinerary will never run out of battery either! Whether or not an itinerary is used as the primary form of organising and planning your travel, or simply a backup plan for when your phone dies, gets stolen (hopefully not), or loses signal, is up to you. Whatever the case, having one can’t hurt, and can make your travel experience a whole lot more seamless and enjoyable if planned out well.

How to Create An Itinerary From Our Templates?

We recommend visualizing your trip itinerary, and get started with planning and scheduling early! Don’t leave it to the last minute as you will be bound to forget something important. A well thought out trip starts with a well thought out Itinerary

Choose a Template That Suits Your Trip

Choose any of the itineraries above to get started. It's very easy, as all itineraries are fully customizable and easy to edit. Just select a suitable looking itinerary and get started!

What to Include in a Travel Itinerary?

Travel itineraries are supposed to act as an organizer of your travel experience. Include all essential travel information, but don’t turn it into a travel diary. Sometimes more is less, so be selective about what travel information you decide to include in your itinerary.

Business Trip or Vacation Travel Planning Tips

Remain flexible. Don’t try to fit too much in. A common mistake people often make is that they try to see it all! If you are at a certain destination for a day, a week, or a month, make sure you leave enough time for yourself and/or your group of friends/ significant other to enjoy your stay there, soak up the culture and sights, and try not to rush from one thing on your itinerary to the next. 

Making it the trip of a lifetime could start with a template!

Stay flexible. Travelling is about exploring and learning. If you hear about something cool, or want to do something spontaneously that may not be part of your itinerary, do it!