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Dealing with the loss of someone can be very difficult. Expressing your condolences through a custom made sympathy card goes a long way toward showing those left behind that you care about them. Sympathy cards express our heartfelt thoughts, our wishes for healing. Condolence cards really can make a difference when someone's experienced a loss.

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Sympathy cards can be generated online with Design Wizard’s easy-to-use card maker within a matter of minutes.

How to Make Personalized Sympathy Cards

Bereavement is experienced differently by everyone. The one thing that is universal though is sympathy cards meant to express heartfelt thoughts and condolences. Some people opt to offer gifts during times of loss. It is custom to give such gifts in the name of the deceased. Accompanying that with a personalized sympathy card really is a touching gesture. Using Design Wizard's intuitive dashboard, you can make any type of cards the occasion calls for. Cards expressing sympathy of course, but you can also create cards that are religious in nature, or how about a sympathy card that is designed to cheer someone up?

Select a Sympathy Card Template.

We offer a number of condolence card styles and themes. Browse through the card library and choose which sympathy card best suits the recipient.

Customize Your Cards.

All of the sympathy cards in our catalog are fully customizable. From the color scheme to the background, to the layout and even sizes can be adjusted accordingly. Add a thoughtful message to tell the recipient that you are thinking of them during this sorrowful time.

You Can Also Personalize Your Chosen Cards.

Adding a photo of the deceased or an image capturing a fond memory can help the healing process begin. A sympathy card can go beyond just the traditional cards we think of. It can be a true gift to someone who is grieving.

Download and Print Your Sympathy Card.

It really is that easy. You now have a more personal sympathy card than you could otherwise buy at a store. And you can print the card directly from your computer.

Sympathy Cards and Cards of Condolence

Often when someone passes, their family will suggest that gifts be made to certain charities in the deceased’s name. Offering a sympathy card along with any such gifts makes it that much more touching and special. A sympathy card gives you the chance to express your wishes for their healing.

Messages for a Sympathy Card

What should your sympathy card say? What message should a card like this convey? Below are a few ideas for sympathy card messages:

  • I am so sorry for your loss.
  • We miss her too!
  • I was saddened to hear that your father passed away.
  • Sending prayers and healing thoughts.

Is a Sympathy Card Really Enough?

When someone dies, it is a difficult time for all of those close to them. We want to do so much to try and soothe their pain. And yet, there’s little we can do other than offer our thoughts, prayers, and support.

Cards Really Can Make a Difference - Show Sympathy to Someone in Need

Sending a custom sympathy card may not seem like enough, but it really can make a difference and add a special moment to someone's life. Think about what a sympathy card might mean to you during your own experience of grief. Cards can express so much regardless of how simple. Creating a custom sympathy card shows that you went that extra mile to demonstrate how much you care.

Sending a sympathy card...

And also, as is custom sometimes gifts, is one way in which we can let the deceased’s loved ones know that we are here for them.

You Can Easily Create a Card Expressing Sympathy

You don’t have to be a professional designer. With Design Wizard’s easy-to-navigate sympathy card maker, you have everything you need to make a personalized card in a matter of minutes. No learning curve, and you always get a professional-looking end result.

Your Sympathy Shows You Care

Death is extremely hard for anyone to deal with. During this trying time, sympathy cards can make people temporarily feel better. They know that in getting a sympathy card, someone is thinking of them, someone cares how they feel. You could of course go to the store and buy a sympathy card, but aren't cards that you custom make so much more meaningful? The person receiving the sympathy card will truly know that you took the time to design something special and custom for them during their time of loss.