Create Spotify Playlist Cover Artwork

Whatever kind of music you’re into, don’t you think it’s time you created a unique and exciting Spotify playlist cover…With tons of free templates, photos, and images to choose from, Design Wizard’s easy-to-use dashboard lets you generate any kind of music cover for your playlist that you want in just a matter of minutes.

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Create Multiple Covers for Your Spotify Music Playlist

Most people tend to have more than one playlist, so of course you’re going to want to make more than one Spotify playlist cover. And with tons of professional-looking templates to choose from, you have plenty of music inspiration at your fingertips. We offer stunning artwork for an array of playlists.

Whether they’re rock, hip hop, or country music playlists, you can design a Spotify cover that really reflects the spirit of the music. Select your artwork carefully.

How to Create Your One-of-a-Kind Spotify Playlist Cover

Not sure where to start? This is where we come in…Our highly skilled design team is ready to help you take Spotify by storm. Offering stunning and vibrant templates to match any music vibe, Design Wizard allows you to make your Spotify music vision come to life.

Step 1. Select the free template or templates that best fit the mood, spirit, and soul of the music in your playlists. Just about every type of music is represented in our comprehensive Spotify template library. There is artwork galore. Just search for a cover and artwork until you feel inspired!

Step 2. Begin customizing your cover artwork. Virtually any element of the Spotify playlist cover can be customized. Add more text, change up font styles, adjust color levels, and swap out the background for each of your playlists. Have some fun with your cover artwork!

Step 3. Upload any photos or free artwork that you want to incorporate into your cover. Personalizing a Spotify playlist with pictures and images will further reflect your music style. You can literally create any type of playlist covers that you want with our editing tools.

Step 4. Download and save (for free) the artwork for your playlists. Now you have your very own custom-made playlist cover. It doesn’t get any easier than that! And the artwork for your music doesn't get any more inspired.

Create Cover Artwork to Fit Any Kind of Music or Playlist

Everybody has different tastes in music. From R&B to Heavy Metal, the corresponding cover should not only be unique but represent the music of that playlist or any of your playlists. And the great thing about Design Wizard’s dashboard is that you do have the ability to create the perfect cover artwork for whatever type of songs you’re into.

Be Inspired by Your Music Playlist Artwork

Your playlists aren’t boring, and neither should your cover artwork be. The best thing about designing around music and a playlist, in particular, is that you can be as creative as you want with the artwork. A super easy free cover maker combined with your vision and your music vibe equals a stunning end result every time. The artwork for your music playlists will be spectacular. Feel free to express yourself.

What Will the Cover You Create Reveal About Your Playlist Music?

A playlist cover should reveal something about the essence of your music. If you just opt for a generic run-of-the-mill cover, what does this say about your music playlist? Nothing very inspired, that’s for sure. But by generating individualized covers for your playlists—now you make things far more intriguing.

You can start to show your individuality when it comes to your music and playlist tastes. Be it rock and roll or rhythm and jazz, your playlists need artwork that speaks to the soul of that particular genre of music. Otherwise, those playlists just look generic and boring. And your music is certainly not boring.

Your Music, Your Inspiration!

Your music really does say something about your style and taste. Every playlist you have is probably unique. Your covers should be too! Spotify allows you to express your creative and artistic side via your playlists. So isn't it time to start creating the kinds of playlist covers that show your musical uniqueness? Ask yourself, what does your music artwork say about you?

Let Your Imagination...and Your Music Run Free

Just like you can get lost in the beats and rhythm of the music, feel free to lose yourself in the design of the cover artwork. Our free templates are sized perfectly for Spotify playlists, so you don’t have to worry about resizing or cropping. All you have to do is be free to unleash your creative side!