Postcard Maker

Creating unique and professional-looking postcards with Design Wizard’s postcard maker has never been easier! Whether for business or personal, postcards offer a compelling and compact way to get your message across.

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Choose a postcard template to edit

How to Design a Postcard

An easy-to-use drag and drop tool allows you to bring to life whatever postcard design you may have in mind. And with tons of templates to choose from, the work of creating your personalized postcard is essentially done for you.

Choose your postcard template

Our library is extensive. With predetermined sizes, you know that you are going to get a professionally crafted end result. So what postcard theme are you looking for? Do you want to be able to customize it with photos from your computer and/or device? Get creative and have some fun with our postcard maker.

Upload any photos, images, graphics you want

You can also scroll through our extensive collection of images and graphics. Our professional designs really do take your postcard to another level.

Customize your postcard

You have the ability to change the background, layout, font, and color palette. Add text to personalize your postcard even more. Think about how it will appear in someone’s mailbox. You want your card to stand out, right? Make it bold and vibrant and the recipient will be sure to notice your postcard.

Download and print

It truly is that easy. You can either print it from your home/office or perhaps use a printing service to achieve high quality results.

A Postcard Creator Like No Other

Sure, you will likely find numerous postcard makers online, so what makes Design Wizard’s so special. A few key features actually:

  • Extensive postcard template library catering to a multitude of themes, businesses and categories.
  • Easy-to-use dashboard where you can upload your own photos and other such images. You get to make your postcard all about you!
  • Customizable features that allow you to adjust background, color, font, layout, you name it.
  • Professional results that cannot be duplicated. Your postcard truly will look like it was done by a graphic design expert.

Picture Perfect Postcards for Mailing

Whether you’re using a postcard creator for business purposes or your own personal use, you want that postcard print to get noticed, not tossed to the side. When mailing your postcard, odds are it will get mixed in with a number of other pieces of direct mail. And yet, in using our postcard maker, you’ve now created something that isn’t just run-of-the-mill but rather engaging and eye-catching.

Your card design can be as fun, as whimsical, as bold as you want it to be—and no, you do not need design experience. Even someone who's never created a postcard design before has the ability to take their postcard idea and run with it.

Design Wizard’s Postcard Tools – A Step Ahead

Rather than send a boring old email or an uninspired letter, make it more interesting by creating a one of a kind postcard.