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The podcast is fast emerging as a go-to form of entertainment. Designed for audiences that want to be informed and whose interests span the spectrum, the podcast is becoming more and more popular with people of all generations.

Literally anyone can make and launch a podcast. The trick is to get the audience intrigued enough so that they tune in. In part, this is where stunning podcast cover art comes into play. Your podcast cover art is the essence of your show. The cover art therefore needs to be simple and still powerful, informative and creative as well. Whether we're talking about the style of font, the prevailing color used, or the images spotlighted, you want to make sure that all elements of your podcast artwork flow together seamlessly. Our podcast cover art maker allows you to do just that. 

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Tips for Effective Podcast Cover Art Design

There are a few things you need to keep in mind when you make podcast cover art and/or a podcast logo to represent your show. Because so many people now have a podcast, it really comes down to cover art that stands out and gets noticed among the crowd. Be sure to stick to your individual style and message. 

Keep the Cover Art Image Simple

Of course, you are going to want to give it some interest and make it pop. But overly crowded or cluttered cover art is only going to fall flat and turn users off. Stick to a color or two and don't go overboard on fonts. You could say users are judging a book by its cover, or a podcast by its art as the case may be. And remember, you don't need a professional designer to get stunning podcast artwork. 

Make it Clear What Your Podcast is About 

This may seem a simple rule of thumb, but when designing podcast cover art, many people tend to overlook this aspect of it. The audience is obviously going to want to get a pretty good understanding of what your show offers just by looking at the cover art. And then your podcast really needs to deliver!

Make Sure You Pay Attention to Fonts and Wording

Keep the podcast art message concise and to the point. By the same token, make sure to use a font that can be easily read and differentiated from the cover art background. Also, keep in mind that different fonts will show up differently from one browser to the next. So you are going to want to make sure you understand how your chosen font looks on more than just one browser.

Your Podcast Artwork Should Not Be Sales Driven

Certainly, businesses will often do a podcast within their website to spotlight their brand, but if it is only about trying to sell people and this is consequently reflected in the podcast artwork, this will likely turn any potential audience off. Spotlighting your logo is a good idea; you might even pull elements from your website and integrate those into your podcast cover art. But don’t make the art all about pushing a product or service. Stick to more understated cover art elements.

How to Create Cover Art for Your Podcast Without Hiring a Designer

Anyone can make a stunning podcast cover--and you don't have to be a graphic designer. With Design Wizard’s easy to use tools and dashboard, even a novice can create interesting and memorable cover art to showcase their podcast. You can experiment with the font and images, the background and layout of the podcast artwork. We give you the flexibility to think outside the box when creating podcast artwork. Use the podcast design on your website or any relevant site for that matter.

Step 1: Scroll Through Our Library of Free Podcast Templates

We’ve done the hard part for you. Our professional designers have made some truly unique and stunning podcast cover art templates to help get you started. Which art inspires you? Which images call out to you? Select your ideal cover art option and get designing! 

Step 2: Personalize Your Template with Images, Photos and Your Podcast Logo

You can add any element you want to your cover art. This is the fun part! You get to make something that is reflective of your show and your personality. People will love it and because of your unique artwork, they will totally get what you and your podcast are all about.

Step 3: Customize Your Free Podcast Template

You can change virtually any aspect of your podcast artwork. From the color and fonts used to the images and overall style of the cover art, adjust according to your brand, your website needs, your personality and ultimately what you want your podcast to convey.

Step 4: Download Your Podcast Design and Use it Wherever You Like

Whether you are integrating your podcast on your website, posting promos for the podcast on a social media site, or including a link in an email that you send out to your core audience, your newly created cover art is sure to inspire users to tune in! They'll think you've gone out and hired a pricey designer given how professional your podcast artwork appears.

Cover Art That Leaves an Impression

You’ve spent a great deal of time perfecting, recording, and launching your podcast and corresponding site. Now you have to get people to listen. Cover art created by you versus a designer who may not truly understand what the show is all about will be so much more meaningful. Plus, with the tools we give you to create your art, trust us it is going to look stunning and, of course, professional.

And again, the podcast artwork and design you choose is fully customizable; from the font to the color to the images used, you are in control. You get to be the podcast designer!