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Name tags are always useful, when it comes to events, special occasions, school outings, you name it. Design Wizard has templates that can be customized and downloaded in a matter of minutes. No graphic design experience needed in order to create truly professional-looking name tags for whatever event you have planned!

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Creating a Name Tag Using Templates - No Need for Name Tag Stock

Need name tags in a hurry? Or maybe you just don’t want to pay a fortune to have custom name tags made. And stock name tags seem to lack that special something. You want your event to be perfect—in every respect. This is where a professionally designed name tag template that can be quickly customized becomes incredibly helpful.

Step by Step: Using a Name Tag Template for Your Event

Having personalized name tags for your special event will make the difference between a well-organized event and one that fails to flow as smoothly. You can even use our name tag template to create a placeholder or how about a custom label. Whatever the application, be it name tags, place holders, or something else, Design Wizard’s templates provide a highly effective starting point.

Step 1: Choose from numerous name tag templates

Our team of professional designers has taken care of the hard part. And the name tag sizes are all scaled accordingly. Now all you need to do is select from among our name tag templates—choose the template that makes the most sense for your event.

Step 2: Customize the template with your unique name tag style

Every occasion is different; every event is special. Make your name tag your own by customizing the various elements of the template. You can alter the color, add background imagery, select from among a few different sizes. Use your creativity here.

Step 3: Personalize your name tag for your event and insert names

Whether a business event or something more fun, with Design Wizard’s name tag template you have the ability to make any name tag a true reflection of the occasion. Add photos for even greater personalization. You might incorporate your company logo. Additionally, you can choose from among our extensive collection of stock images and add those to your template.

Step 4: Download the name tags and send to a printer prior to your event

That’s all there is to it. You can print the name tags from your home, or you can send them to a printer for optimal results. You can bet your upcoming event will be spectacular! And so will those name tags!

Why Go with Name Tag Stock When You Can Make It Custom for Your Event

All name tags are not created equal. Just as all events are not created equal. Make your event a standout by creating and distributing personalized name tags to those in attendance. Why start from blank stock, when everything is already generated using our name tag templates.

A Name Tag for Any Event or Occasion

We’ve seen users take advantage of our name tag maker for a variety of occasions and purposes as well. Birthday parties to weddings, conferences to school outings…Some people have used the name tag designer to create a specialized label. Place holders can be generated quite easily using the name tag maker as well. Just get your template, select the ideal font—and of course make sure all the names are spelled correctly!

No Design Experience Required When Using Our Name Tag Creator

Anyone can design specialized name tags, and what’s more, they can be done within minutes. You get professional-looking results every single time. So why opt for name tag stock when you can create something far superior! Design Wizard gives you all the tools necessary to create a memorable name tag!