Make a Personalized Wall Calendar Online!

Design Wizard’s Calendar Maker lets you create custom online calendars in no time at all. Give calendars as gifts. Include a logo and use them to promote your brand; whatever idea you have in mind for a calendar, our calendar maker lets you create calendar magic!

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A Calendar That Is All Your Own

Why just buy a generic print calendar? Design Wizard provides you with the tools to create something stunning. And the best part is your calendar will be totally unique. You can feature your favorite individual photo or family photos, choose the colors that you like, and select a font style that makes you smile! And all can be done in no time at all. It really is that easy.

Creating a Photo Calendar Online

For printable calendars and/or a photo calendar perfect for any occasion, our drag and drop calendar maker lets even novices produce stunning results. Whether you need a business calendar or a personalized calendar, we have a template that will work beautifully, making this calendar year a truly special one.

Step 1. Search through our extensive library of photo calendar templates. There are a ton of different themes and calendar designs to choose from. Whether family related, based around a birthday theme, or calendars created to commemorate a certain date/dates, our photo calendar selection will definitely accommodate.

Step 2. Need inspiration? Keep scrolling through Design Wizard’s comprehensive platform. We have thousands of images, photos and graphics all available to make your custom calendar look amazing. Think of it as an invitation to be totally creative as you generate a photo calendar to remember!

Step 3. Add your favorite calendar photos. A truly personalized calendar is one that is uniquely your own. The one sure way to make it yours is by including photos that are special to you. From family photos to more fun moments captured on camera, these are the images that will let you create that perfect calendar. These are the images you will get to see every single day of the year!

Step 4. Customize your template to heart’s content. What makes Design Wizard’s calendar maker special is that you can customize just about every aspect of your calendar. If you're a business, you might even include ads and a logo. Color scheme, layout, font style—you name it, and it can be adjusted to suit your taste.

Step 5. After you have the format perfect,  just go ahead and download your calendar. At this point, you simply save it and send it to a printing service. And then await the fabulous finished product. You can also upload your calendar to a variety of platforms and sites. These calendars truly are versatile. You might even find a way to integrate portions of your calendar into a video design. Our calendars and calendar templates are an invitation to explore your creative side.

A Calendar Makes a Perfect Gift

Printable calendars really are a great gift idea. So this year, why not brighten someone's day with custom print calendars. The nice thing too is that with the Design Wizard Online calendar tool, you can easily personalize the calendars for different recipients. So if you are running short on gift ideas…look no further! You'll be amazed at the short amount of time it takes to create custom calendars. Include special images and graphics. How about a funky clock component added to your calendar. Really think outside the box when designing your wall calendar. Show that special someone what this year can look like! 

Promoting Your Business with Monthly Calendars

Numerous companies will create custom calendars featuring their logo along with other brand elements in order to give them out as gifts and thereby help promote their business. Think about it, a stunning and professional-looking calendar with your logo is something that clients and prospective clients will see every day. Calendars in this respect can be more effective than any ads in some ways. Custom calendars keep your business and your logo in the forefront of their mind as it will be hanging prominently upon their wall. Add a photo or two to really give your company calendar some more depth and interest.

A Personalised Calendar to Commemorate Family

Having family photos and memorable images included in a calendar is a terrific way to capture those special memories. And the great thing is, each month of your calendar offers a new memory! Calendars are a fun and vivid way to look back on the good times throughout the year that you experienced with the ones you love. Print your calendars as keepsakes for commemorating a wonderful year! Go ahead hang them up on the wall. You couldn't ask for a more intriguing and eye-catching wall calendar.

Calendars for Any Occasion - Just Upload Your Favorite Photo

Calendars really can reflect you. Include special photos, note important dates, and really create a calendar that represents you. Whether printing on paper and hanging it on your wall or using your calendar in an online capacity, edit any template and you will be amazed at the results--not to mention the short amount of time it takes to create a custom calendar. Customize any aspect of your calendar online and then send your photo calendar to a printer for professional results.

Design Wizard’s Calendar Maker – No Experience Required

Even if you’ve never designed a calendar before, our easy-to-navigate dashboard makes it incredibly easy for you to create the perfect calendar to keep track of the time passing. You don’t need a degree in graphic design, just a little creativity and a vision for how you want your calendar design to look. This is an invitation for you to have some fun, roll up your sleeves and let your imagination run free. Your very own unique wall calendar - how special is that! 

We Give You an Easy Way for Anyone to Create Their Perfect Calendar! 

Our highly skilled professionals have designed some amazing calendar templates. Find the perfect calendar that catches your eye and start to create…That’s all there is to it! You can literally hang the world on your wall depending on the calendars you choose to create.