9 Invitation Templates for Any Occasion

Customizable Invitation templates for any event! 

What’s a party without an invitation? Probably one that not many people are going to show up for. From weddings, to birthdays, to graduations, invitations announce that the festivities are about to commence. That said, where do you find a professional and lively basic invitation template? Can you create your own? If you’re not a graphic designer this can be a bit tricky. That is the great thing about customizable party invitation templates. Professional designers have already done all of the heavy lifting for you. All you have to do is tailor the template to suit your party needs!

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Why Use Wedding Invitation Templates?

This is one of the most commonly sought invitations. Be it a themed wedding invite, a more basic invite, or an elaborate printed invitation, people want an ultra special look announcing their ultra special day. You have put so much time and preparation into your wedding, painstakingly choosing those wedding colors, picking out dresses, planning out the food and decor, coming up with that mailing list of guests, when you send wedding invitations, you want them to be nothing short of perfect.

You can opt to implement your wedding colors into your invitation template. You can choose an elegant font to complement the overall elegance of the occasion. You can even add images and photos of the happy couple to be. And you can do all of this so easily with Design Wizard’s customizable wedding invite templates. A professional, fast and superior DIY alternative to otherwise costly wedding invitations.

Elements to Include in Your Party Invite Template

So first thing’s first…What are the key elements of any good invitation design? How do you create unforgettable custom invitation cards? 

  • The wording for one. This is your chance to boast about your upcoming special event. And of course, the type of party or occasion is going to determine the overall tone of the wording here. So a Christmas party invite will use more festive language than say a graduation announcement. Get creative, think about what you want your guests to expect as they arrive for the party!
  • Any visual elements. Visual design features are going to play a major part in any attractive invitation. Use photos to make it really personal. Vibrant graphic elements and images will give it some depth and bring it to life, imbuing your otherwise basic invite with that “wow” factor.
  • RSVP / Contact Info. Don’t forget these basic invite details! You probably are going to need a head count; make the RSVP instructions clear and provide all relevant contact information.

So Many Invitations Styles to Download

All parties tend to have their own unique twist. And that is exactly why all parties deserve their own special invite. Start with a basic invite template and build from there...For instance, you might be throwing a lavish house party. Your invitation needs to read as fun, exciting, a not to be missed occasion. Perhaps it’s a more formal special event—a professionally done, customizable invitation can certainly set the tone. First choosing the appropriate template is key. 

With themes galore from which to choose and the ability to tweak as needed—virtually any aspect of the template from background color, to photos used, to the style of font—you really can produce an invite worthy of a top notch graphic design firm.

Birthdays, Bridal Showers, Halloween Parties, Holiday Parties…What’s Your Party Theme?

For any and all occasions, a high quality premium invitation only makes the impending event better! And what could be easier than starting from a professionally designed basic invite template and then completely making it your own. Your guests are going to love it.