Create Your Own Get Well Soon Cards

Want to show someone you care? You can create get well soon cards online, and you don’t need to be a professional designer to do so! When someone is sick, of course hearing "get well" is going to cheer them up. Why not go even further and send a custom get well card!

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Get Well Soon Cards Show You’re Thinking of Them

Brightening someone’s day with a custom get well card doesn’t take a lot of time—in fact, with Design Wizard’s card creator you can generate a thoughtful and heartfelt get well card within minutes.

How to Create a Get Well Card 

It really is as easy as downloading a design chosen from the cards we have in our library. You then customize your get well card design. You have the ability to change backgrounds, add images, add text and choose the appropriate font styles for your card. When you’re finished designing your get well card, you select the method to send that card to the recipient.

Four easy steps for creating professional looking cards telling someone you hope they get well soon…

Step 1: Select from our get well card template library

Our professional designers have taken care of the hard part for you. We have popular get well cards encompassing a variety of themes, styles, and messages of concern. You choose which card templates appeal to you.

Step 2: Customize your get well card

Any of the cards can be customized. This is where you get to unleash your creativity and design a card that truly shows you’re thinking of someone during a potentially difficult time.

Step 3: Upload personal photos and get well thoughts

Personalizing your get well cards really goes a long way toward brightening someone’s day. Add funny photos or more heartfelt ones. Bring any get well cards you create to life and make them your own by uploading personal images and/or photos.

Step 4: Save and download your get well card design

Once you’re finished and have downloaded your get well card design, you can choose to print your cards. You also can send the get well card to the recipient online.

Why Send Get Well Cards?

There are certain times and events in life that can be difficult. Sending cards and expressing thoughts of well wishes can mean a lot to someone who happens to be down or not feeling well. It is all about making people smile with custom cards that offer humor, good thoughts, and/or sentiments of concern.

  • Get well cards show you’re thinking of someone. Everyone likes to feel important. Especially if a person you care about is not feeling well, cards like this really do mean a great deal.
  • Cards can brighten a person’s day. Not only does a get well card show that you’re thinking of the recipient, but these kinds of cards also just lend themselves to cheering people up.
  • A get well card is a way to stay in touch. In today’s busy world, we are often sidetracked by daily events and hectic life moments. Taking the time to send special cards is a great way to communicate with someone you may have lost touch with.

A Get Well Card Made with Love

Using our easy get well card creator, you have a chance to send positive thoughts and get well messages of love. Be original. Think about the person you’re sending your get well card to. What do they need to hear? What would make them feel better and lift their spirits? This is your chance to really show how much you care and to let them know you hope they feel better soon!

Classic Get Well Card Messages

Not sure what to say in a get well card? Here are some popular favorites as far as messages for your cards:

Wishing I could take the pain away.

I am so sorry you are sick.

Thinking of you during this difficult time!

Sending warm wishes and hugs.

Hoping for a fast recovery!

I miss you and wish I could be there.

Anyone Can Create a Heartfelt Card

Design Wizard’s card maker does not require a degree in graphic design. In fact, anyone, even those new to card design, can generate truly professional looking cards. We provide the template—all you need to do is personalize your card.