Free Certificate Maker: How to create a certificate? 

'How to create a certificate' is such a popular question online because there are so many reasons that people need to create certificates! 

Because we listen to what you are asking for, we created our own certificate maker. But then we made some professional certificate templates, and then, we made them free

Our free certificate maker is so simple to use and you can create a professional certificate based on any of the certificate template that stands out to you.

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How to customize the certificate templates?

Easily, which is the most important thing. We have chosen 6 free certificate templates that can be easily customized to suit anyone and any occasion. 

Our certificate maker can be used to produce anything from a gift certificate to an award certificate and everything in between and all you need to do is click the one you want to customize and it will appear in your workspace where you can begin designing it to your needs.   

Every section of your certificate can be updated so let's begin with the basics. To create a truly custom certificate, think of our certificate generator as giving you a blank certificate. The template you choose is just your starting point.

How to use the certificate maker?

Think about it section by section. We always recommend starting with the background as this will set the tone for the overall look and feel of your certificate. What is the tone you would like to shoot for? If it is a formal certificate, a plain background is usually the best option. But, if your certificate is more informal, fun even, you can play around with color and patterns. 

Have a look at our image library for a wide selection of inspiring images that could take your certificate template from a blank certificate to an amazing certificate in seconds. 

You can also upload your own image file in a couple of simple steps (if you are a Pro customer) and include your logo or any other special symbols or official symbols that will make your certificate template truly yours.

How to customize the text?

Our certificate maker has been designed with with text in mind. Every text box on your entire certificate can be selected and updated. Whether it's a digital certificate or a printable certificate, the person or organization receiving it needs to be able to read it with ease.

For the main text box, make sure you choose a font style that is legible, you can make a manual adjustment by browsing the font library and trying out other styles. It needs to look official without being fussy. 

For smaller text sections, be careful, text that looks fine on a word document could be far too small on a professional certificate design, especially if you include additional text or multiple names. 

One of the easiest ways to update this custom award is by using the anchor points on the corners of the text box. You can easily position your words where the certificate font looks, and reads well.

How to change the award ribbon?

A certificate maker isn't worth the paper it's printed on if you can't change the award ribbon. Our certificate creator doesn't just create certificates so you have thousands of icons and graphics that can be used with your award ribbons. The days of clip art are long gone with this certificate maker! 

Some images are editable so you can change the color and size of them to suit your custom certificate. You can choose this range from our free online certificate maker but we also have other certificate examples available to inspire you. 

You can replace the award ribbon with a box, border or range of certificate frames too. This is a one hundred percent editable certificate and if you are the authorized person in charge of the certificate template - then you get to make the choice.

How to save and print?

If you are working on a printable certificate and are happy with all the design elements you have chosen then make sure to save your beautiful certificate as you work. You can then download your certificate file and it will be saved to your computer. 

You can then print using your home printer or send it to a professional printers. If you are going to send it to a professional printers make sure you discuss the certificate file, certificate paper, format and bleed that will ensure the design you created in our certificate maker becomes an official looking certificate that everyone will think you spent a lot of money on! 

If you have used our free certificate generator to create a digital certificate, then it is just as easy to export as a printable certificate. 

Click the share button to instantly show your stunning certificate designs to your social media audience. You can also link your own personalized certificates to email and send it to anyone, anywhere in the world.

How do I resize my design?

With our magic resize button! Each certificate template has been created in A4 size but this can be resized to any other dimension you need - such as a digital certificate. 

Now you can create clever certificates for multiple purposes. A gift certificate or an award certificate may need to be much smaller or bigger than the certificate samples in our certificate maker. 

It's possible to use this style of design for things like posters and social media posts too. A blank certificate template could be the starting point for a greeting card, invitation even marketing campaigns.

A certificate template makes it official!     

Whether you need a certificate generator to acknowledge the hard work an employee has put in or for a group that you organize, giving people the kudos they deserve leaves a lasting impression. 

It doesn't take any effort to use our certificate maker but the results say otherwise. Produce a professional certificate to be proud in a matter of minutes.