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Need a stunning and professional flower logo design? Even if you have no design experience you can still create a flower-inspired logo that will help bring your brand to a whole new level

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How to Create a Flower Logo Online

Your logo is essentially the hallmark of your business. It is the face of your company and a central symbol of your brand. Many people do not have the artistic experience required to simply draw a flower logo. And so, this is why Design Wizard offers you plenty of flowers and flower options to choose from.

Step 1. Select a logo that appeals to you from the library of extensive flower designs. From roses to more whimsical flowers, we’ve included just about any flower design you can imagine.

Step 2. Start customizing your flower logo. This is about reflecting the true spirit of your brand. So go ahead and adjust color, sizing, along with many of the other logo elements.

Step 3. Add text. You can further customize your logo by adding a company name or even a relevant tagline.

Step 4. Download and use your new logo design in any way you want. From your company website to social media pages, flower logos really do help brands stand out.

Your Choice of Flower Design

The great thing about using Design Wizard’s logo creator is that there are so many interesting and eye-catching designs to choose from. When thinking about flowers, there are a variety of ways you could go with your logo design. Choose a more traditional and elegant flower. Or how about something a bit more avante garde and abstract that upon first look might not even appear as a flower? We have taken the time to create numerous floral-inspired designs—you just need to add that personal touch.

Where Will Use the Flower Logos You Make?

Create as many versions of your logo design that you want. As you make your flower logo, think about the different contexts and places where you might use the final design. Your new logo might appear one way on your brand’s website and another on a brochure for instance.

You can experiment with color and size to this end. Black and white logos may work better in certain formats. Whereas bold, bright, colorful flower logos will definitely pop when used on posters or banners.

Custom Made Logos That Are Super Simple

The word “custom” in conjunction with “logo” might suggest a difficult and costly process. With Design Wizard’s logo making tool, this just isn’t the case. You don’t need an advanced design degree to create something spectacular. Anyone can make a floral logo design that looks professional and of course, stunning.

Get the Perfect Flower Logo for Your Brand

Some of the companies that more commonly use flower logos:

  • Florists. Any flower distributor/retailer would benefit immensely from a customizable flower logo that reflects the spirit and heart of what they do.
  • Salons and Beauty Shops. What is more beautiful than flowers? Create a logo design that represents beauty and elegance.
  • Wedding event companies. Flowers are at the center of most weddings. Make your company logo something special!
  • Artists/Art Studios. Depending on the type of art you create, personalized flower logos might be the best way to capture what you do.

Create a One-of-a-Kind Logo Design with Design Wizard’s Floral Logo Maker

Our talented graphic design team has taken care of the hard work for you. Now it’s time to integrate your vision and the spirit of your brand with our extensive library of stunning flowers.