Facebook Cover Photo Maker

Design Wizard's Facebook cover photo maker allows you to design and download your unique Facebook cover photo for your profile, Facebook group, or business page. Using cover photo templates allows you to design high-quality Facebook covers without previous graphic design skills needed.

Browse our wide selection of templates and stock photos to find something that suits your profile or social media branding, to create that perfect cover photo design.

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Our Facebook Cover Photo Maker

With over X templates to choose from, all you have to do is find a Facebook cover photo that closely resembles what you have in mind for your Facebook cover photo. Click any template and use our easy to use Facebook cover maker.

A Wide Selection of Design Templates For Facebook

Our professionally designed templates with attractive layouts are fully customizable and ready to edit. Simply browse through our selection of templates until you find something that is suitable for your profile, brand image, and style. 

Choose from a wide range of stock images if you want to place an image on your Facebook cover. Perhaps you want to go further and add a cover video to make it really engaging? Design Wizard's impressive media library allows you to create great cover photo content to suit every target audience.

Our video maker and image editor give your full control over the look of your Facebook cover design and style.

Customizable Facebook Cover templates

With Design Wizard's cover photo maker, easily resize images with an easy to use image resizer to make sure your cover photo fits the proper cover size and dimensions. 

What is the size of a Facebook Cover Photo?

Facebook cover photo size is 820 pixels wide by 312 pixels tall on desktop, however, mobile users will see 640 pixels wide by 360 pixels tall. Our templates make sure your Facebook cover photo is the correct size for both.

Designing the ideal cover photo

Select a template you like the look of, and use our cover maker to give it that custom looks using this easy-to-use design tool. If you have a certain theme, topic, or subject related to your company, brand, or organization, you can choose, or upload your own image for your cover. 

Add your custom text to your cover video or photo template and choose your font styles to match your profile and brand personality. Think about what other information or design elements you want to include on your cover photo and add them too.

Upload Your Own Facebook Cover Photos

Our graphic design platform allows you to easily upload your own Facebook cover photos, or video, to edit and download. After downloading your file, simply upload it to your Facebook page.

Start Now and Edit a Template Today

A great place to start by adding brand colours and your company's logo for brand awareness and recognition. Adding branding with our tool gives your profile that professional look and feel to your page.

Having a finished looking social media profile is important for appearing professional no matter what area you are in. Your cover photo or cover art, along with your profile picture is the first thing someone who lands on your page will see. We all know how first impressions are important so the overall design of our cover is very important.

A good banner maker is an important tool to help you achieve those stunning cover pictures. With Design Wizard's platform, whether it's a video or image, creating one yourself is easy.