Customizable Facebook Banner Templates

Fully customizable Facebook Banner Templates make it easy for you to create attractive-looking Facebook profiles in minutes.

Creating a great-looking cover photo that complements your Facebook profile picture can make your Facebook profile, or Facebook page more aesthetically pleasing, informative,  and if you want, entertaining. Using our professionally designed templates can make your banner engage more with your audience. Whether it's a banner for a business page or your personal account, it can help describe you or your Facebook page both visually and through text.

Best of all, all templates are very easy to edit with no need for any previous graphic design experience!

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How to design your Facebook banner (or Facebook cover)

How your Facebook banner (sometimes referred to as your cover photo) will look, largely depends on how you visualize and imagine your overall site looking. Think about the end goal and objective of your Facebook cover. Think about the photo that might best embody your brand. Your banner template is a great space for some free marketing. Choose wisely and using our intuitive cover maker, you can create perfect size banners that get you noticed. 

Is it to increase brand awareness of your business or organization? Is it aimed at receiving donations for a charity? Or perhaps its main objective is to increase sales and customers for your business? Whatever the case, you have a great opportunity to use your Facebook cover photo to convey a free message or say something about your company's or organization's ethos or motto.

Therefore, your free Facebook banner can include important information about you, your business or organization, or simply be a nicely designed banner on your profile. If you have a Facebook group for your piano or music lessons, having a nice image of something music-related is perfect! Add a little information about your lessons, or simply just your name. If you are a digital marketing agency that offers a high-end service, perhaps something a little bolder could work well, with your agency's branding and slogan. Whatever the purpose of your Facebook cover, browse our selection and find the perfect template suitable for your needs.

Add a Facebook Banner: A Unique Cover for Your Brand, And It's Ad-free! 

You really can help make your brand stand out. A custom-designed Facebook banner template says something about who you are and what your company values. Not to mention, a Facebook banner template conveys to your audience what you bring to the table. It is all about letting your audience know how your brand can make their lives easier via the template you choose. The free content you include in your Facebook banner template along with your cover photos really can send an important message.

Customizing your Facebook cover templates

So you've found an awesome template you like the look of? Great! It's now time to customize your banner template to make it suit your brand. Your Facebook cover photo really is your calling card. Whatever your Facebook page is about, branding is important. Whether it's personal branding for your piano lessons or branding for a company. It's important to have it consistent across your website and other social media platforms. So think about your branding, and build your banner template and Facebook cover photo around that

There is no need for previous graphic design experience or experience in complicated photoshop programs to create stunning Facebook cover templates and a Facebook cover photo. Design Wizard's online graphic design software combines an easy-to-use graphic design software with a professionally designed cover photo template, meaning all the hard work is done. You just add your special touch by way of a photo, text, a logo, or unique brand image.

Easy-to-use free online editor for banners

Our easy-to-use online editor has an intuitive drag and drop feature. Easily add your text, resize the text, change your font style, and also if you like, change the font colors, adjust an image, you name it. You can add graphics and shapes and experiment with color there also. All Facebook banner templates are fully customizable so you can really make it your very own.

It's important to note at this stage, that while all our banners are fully customizable, you need to be careful to stay within the 'safe zone' of the banner. The safe zone is basically the space where the text will appear on both desktop and mobile. While the Facebook banner template you choose is designed to keep the text within the safe zone fields, if you move and resize the text, you run the risk of having some text cropped nearer the borders.

The 'Safe Zone': Facebook Cover Photos and Size

The Facebook cover photo size is currently 820 pixels wide by 312 pixels tall on desktop. Avoid getting your text cropped by keeping all text within the safe zone - meaning keeping a text within the margins of 24 pixels from both the top and bottom,  a 90 pixel from both the left and right sides. Once your text doesn't enter these margins and remains in the central space, your Facebook banner text should display normally on both desktops and mobile devices.

When it Comes to a Facebook Banner, Size Does Matter

Because we offer the perfect dimensions as far as Facebook banner template size, you don't have to fret about 'getting it right.' Remember, your Facebook banner has to convey your brand in a professional light. Get the size wrong or the aspect ratio incorrect and your cover image will look sloppy and amateurish. Choose an easy-to-use banner template, then choose a Facebook cover photo to upload and add to your page, and you have an instant Facebook banner template ready to go that everyone will like!

Choose an image for your Facebook banner

If you don't have a particular image you want to use for your page cover photo, but think having one would help, we have thousands of stock photos to choose from. Simply use the search bar in our image library to find that ideal image or stock photo for your Facebook cover. Select and edit as you wish.

Why a Facebook Cover Photo is an Important Aspect of Your Page

A Facebook banner is all about connecting with an audience. People respond to photos and banners. It's as simple as that. And cover photos especially are the first thing your audience will see upon going to your page. Of course the content of that page is important, but cover photos by way of a dynamic Facebook banner template make a powerful statement. Our Facebook banner templates provide you with a professional foundation for creating a truly stunning design.

Cover Designs with No Ads

No one wants to see ads clutter their Facebook page and images. Your Facebook banners could of course include a photo, how about your logo, maybe even some special design representative of your brand? With our banner template options, you choose exactly how you want your Facebook banner photo to look. We also have a ton of free stock graphics and images in any size that you can add to make the content of your Facebook banner even more engaging! People will certainly like your page.

How to upload your Facebook Page Cover Photo

Once you are happy with the overall design of your banner, download your image to your computer. Go to your Facebook page and hit the 'upload image' button on the page cover photo section. Select your downloaded file to upload. Simple.