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An 18th birthday is a huge milestone across most cultures throughout the world. The day marks the beginning of an adulthood that provides privileges a’ plenty, such as the right to vote, to get a job, buy a house, and even win the lottery. Overnight the freedom of independence is granted.

A Cause For Celebration

Before life becomes just about taxes, hard-work and settling down, most 18 year olds will be relieved to know that they have another 730 days to use the ‘teenager’ excuse!

Ready or not, an 18th birthday is an achievement in itself. It is a joyful occasion that deserves recognition. Giving the birthday boy or girl a customised 18th birthday card will help to kick off the celebrations in style.

Design Wizard will inspire you to create the perfect, personalized 18th Birthday Card for that special someone as they embark on the journey of the rest of their lives.


Add poignant photos to your 18th birthday card

Is there anything more poignant than childhood photos? Why not include cute snaps of the birthday girl back when she was wide-eyed and innocent. Or maybe embarrass the birthday boy with unflattering flashbacks of bath-times and temper tantrums. Either way, 18th birthday cards are the perfect excuse to take a wander down memory lane to show how them just how far they’ve come.

Design Wizard makes it’s so simple to upload your own photographs and drop them into a canvas. From there, the design choices are yours – add multiple photographs or layer graphics, images, text, frames and borders.

Make a meme

Those on the cusp of turning 18 are fully fledged digital natives and so including internet references on their 18th birthday card will make it even more relevant. Add cyber-slang, acronyms and hashtags, or go all out and create a personalized meme! (For any digital immigrants reading this, a meme is an image that is accompanied with a funny caption or text.)

Generally speaking, memes are made with the hopes of going viral but they also make a great starting point for an hilarious 18th birthday card. Design Wizard has all necessary elements to create memorable memes.       

There’s a lot of scope to be funny on an 18th birthday card. If you live in a country where the legal age limit to drink alcohol is 18, then there are plenty of morning-after-the-night-before jokes you can make plus Design Wizard has a huge array of party related images and graphics that you can use.

The most important thing to remember when you are designing an 18th birthday card is to make something that the recipient will enjoy on the day and treasure forever. Whether you are a family member or friend, you can design something that comes from the heart.

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