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It’s getting close to that time of year! Easter is almost upon us. A holiday filled with bunnies, colorful eggs, and perhaps a party or two. Why not create vibrant and fun Easter cards for your friends and family back home this year. Easter cards are certain to brighten someone's day, add a little fun and festiveness, not to mention, show the people you love how much you care this Easter!

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How to Make Beautiful and Thoughtful Easter Cards

Get into the Easter holiday spirit this year and give those you love festive cards. Easter cards can come in all shapes and sizes. Sure, you can go out and shop for a run-of-the-mill Easter card but doesn’t it mean a lot more when you create your own cards? With our Easter card maker you can make something truly spectacular.

Design Wizard’s Easter card creator enables you to make the perfect cards in just minutes, and you don’t need design experience to make truly stunning cards. You can add any element you wish and customize cards for any special day of the year!

Step 1: Select from an Array of Easter Cards 

We’ve got you covered! Our highly skilled design team has put together a holiday-inspired library worthy of the Easter bunny.  Whether you’re looking for fun-themed cards Easter or perhaps religious-inspired Easter cards, we likely have the perfect template for your custom card. Add whatever you like and create cards to brighten someone's day.

Step 2: Customize Any Aspect of Your Easter Cards and/or Easter Card Template

The great thing about your Design Wizard dashboard is how easy it is to take an Easter template and make cards that are all your own. Do whatever you wish in terms of customizing the Easter cards and changing various aspects. Change the color scheme of any of the cards, how about a new background—again, whatever you wish you have the ability to do in terms of adjusting your Easter card.

Step 3: Personalize Any Aspect of Your Easter Card

This is the fun part! You can make your Easter cards Hallmark channel worthy and add personal photos and images. Recapture an Easter celebration from the past. Or how about showcasing a memorable family moment that you wish you could relive, add a photo to that effect. Add photos of home and the memories you made. Make any cards Easter ready and symbolic of what your family is all about. Highlight how important the day really is.

Step 4: Download Your Finished Easter Card and Print

Additionally, you can send your custom cards to an online printing service for more professional results. However you opt to print/send your Easter cards this year, they are sure to put a smile on someone’s face! When the recipient opens the card to view the special message, this will surely brighten their day. Just save any cards you make, download and you're ready to go!

We Have Cards for Any Occasion – Not Just Easter

Design Wizard’s card maker is perfect for just about any occasion or special day you can think of. Birthdays, the New Year, Christmas, Mother’s Day, for literally any holiday and/or important dates you want to send a card to someone special, we have the tools to help you do just that. Everyone loves a personalized greeting! Just add your special message, have some fun with the designs and save any and all cards you create.

Easter is a Time to Reflect and Remember

During this particular holiday season, people tend to spend time thinking about those they love, their family and friends. Whether you give a gift or send an Easter card on this special day, showing someone that they are on your mind this Easter season is truly a welcomed gesture. You will be sending cards and a greeting that people will save for years to come.

This Easter Give Your Loved Ones an Easter Card from the Heart

You can certainly go to a store and shop for standard Easter cards with standard messages. An Easter card featuring a bunny and basket for instance or colorful eggs. Maybe you opt to shop for a religious Easter card. But wouldn't a custom-made Easter card with a personalized message be so much better. Custom home made cards are ones that people usually hang on to and save!

An Easter Card Creator for All of Your Easter Time Needs!

While a Design Wizard Easter card looks 100% professional, it is totally unique--a true gift to express how much you care this Easter. And a one-of-a-kind Easter card is so easy to create! Just design, edit and save. The results are stunning every single time.

Special Messages for Any Easter Card

What do you want to tell someone this Easter? What special message will you send via your personalized Easter card? Maybe you want to reflect on what is to come in this new year. Some people use Easter cards to offer religious messages and thoughts of inspiration and hope. You could create a whimsical Easter card to make someone laugh. Sky’s the limit in terms of the types of cards you can create. Hallmark would be envious!

Easter is Not the Only Season for Giving Custom Cards

There are so many important dates throughout the year that call for custom cards. Yes, you can create a highly original Easter card using our card creator. But we also have templates allowing you to generate cards for any special day, to include: birthday cards, greeting cards, thank you cards, cards commemorating special dates, party invitations, the list is endless.

Send A One-of-a-kind Easter Card This Year!

Any cards that you need for any memorable day or occasion, for any important dates or events, we have an exhaustive array of cards and card templates. Professional-looking results guaranteed! But of course, an Easter card is something special. So don't forget to send an amazing Easter greeting this year to those you care about!

No Design Experience Needed for Making the Perfect Easter Card

We’ve taken care of the hard part of the Easter card design. Now you just need to fill in with your imagination. Remember, all of our holiday cards are customizable, so you can let your creativity run free when creating your Easter cards!