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Your people are important. Recognizing their achievements and honoring milestones can go a long way toward boosting morale. With a uniquely designed certificate of recognition, you not only pay tribute to their contributions, but you give them a lasting memento. The question is, how do you go about crafting that professional and memorable certificate?

You don’t need to be a graphic design expert to generate a recognition certificate award that actually means something and looks stunning. Again, this is about showing the recipient that their efforts were important. By choosing a customizable certificate template, you get the benefits of professional graphic design but with the ability to tailor it for a specific person and/or achievement.

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When Should You Make a Certificate of Recognition?

There are many occasions perfect for honoring people and consequently recognizing them. Most often this kind of certificate or award is given out by a supervisor, company owner, or whomever may be an authorized person. If an employee has excelled for example because they’ve met a certain monthly or yearly sales quota, this is a great occasion to mark with achievement certificates. Additionally, you may opt to give out this type of recognition in light of the number of years of service. Again, any recognition to this end is beneficial as it helps reinforce a positive company culture.

Recognition for Health and Safety

There are a number of health and safety related awards as well. Often times companies as a whole will be awarded a certificate of this nature which they can then display. This conveys to the public that they take their work environment seriously. And in today's climate, health and safety are hugely important.

What Are the Benefits of Having This Kind of Certificate?

Beyond of course instilling in the recipient a sense of accomplishment, you demonstrate that you genuinely care. You show how proud you are of their hard work and thereby encourage them to want to continue to excel.

A Certificate Inspires Competition - This Kind of Recognition is Good!

In an office setting, giving out these kinds of awards does help promote competition. And competition is not necessarily a bad thing—especially if it is healthy competition. Not to mention, if the certificate of recognition is attached to some sort of reward be it monetary or otherwise, your employee is apt to work that much harder.

Creating a Customized Recognition Template

So what are the key ingredients of a certificate template? And should you get an actual certificate maker? 

  • The recognition content is important. You want to strike that balance between heartfelt honesty and professionalism, again depending on what the award is for. As far as the overall recognition wording, you really do want to spend some time and think about what it is you want to convey to the recipient in light of their outstanding service. 
  • The overall look. Some people opt to use Microsoft Word to generate their certificate. And while Microsoft Word is fine, often you get a much better end result utilizing software that offers professionally designed templates that can be customized to suit your specific needs. Others might choose to use an Adobe based program. Adobe however usually comes with a learning curve. Design Wizard’s recognition templates are ready to go. You just need to add your recognition content and individual style…Consider it your very own Certificate Maker! You have the ability to add your own colors, images and choose your font styles. 
  • Be sure to include all relevant details. The recipient’s name of course (spelled correctly—always double check for typos); the giver’s name, a description of what the award is for, and the date are all fairly standard elements.

Download Your Certificate and Inspire Others

And that is essentially all there is to it. You have created a professional-looking, lasting tribute to an employee, student, any individual deserving of recognition! They will forever remember this gift.

Our Templates Help Businesses with Recognition

You don't need to be a graphic design expert to create certificates that really matter. A certificate of recognition is sort of like a gift to someone. One of your company employees may be feeling down about their job. Encouraging them with certificates of this nature really can have a huge impact and make them want to do and feel better.

A Certificate of Recognition to Show Appreciation

An award of this kind lifts someone's spirits. It helps them to feel more invested in the business. It provides every bit as much value as training does. Certificates of recognition can also of course be used to identify those business super stars. Certificates genuinely make a difference in the business world.

Certificate Templates Allow you to Give Valuable Feedback

You are at the center of your business. Your employees look to you for guidance and inspiration. With certificates of recognition, you are offering that inspiration and much more.

What message do you want to send to your business team? Let them know that while you may be the heart and center of the company, so are they. They too represent the center of the business and they keep things running. A certificate of recognition makes them feel as though they are a true part of the business team. Your feedback in the form of a certificate is incredibly valuable.

Other Types of Recognition

Many people also opt to customize certificate of recognition templates for school based awards. Sports teams for example tend to give out certificates at the end of the season along the lines of MVP Awards, Best Effort Awards and Most Improved. Other forms a recognition student template might take include: Participation Certificates, Formal Awards, Attendance Achievement, and Competition Recognition.