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You don’t have to be a design expert to create a professional looking certificate of attendance. In fact, you can generate a certificate with absolutely no graphic design experience whatsoever. Ready made and easy to customize certificate templates can be adjusted to suit your particular needs. Whether you’re in the sports industry, business, education, you name it, Design Wizard has the perfect certificate of attendance template for you. Who has time to start from scratch? Not to mention, our expert designers have already taken care of the hard part for you. And as far as customizing the template, this is where you get to have a bit of fun with your certificate design.

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The Benefits of Giving Certificates of Attendance

Promoting achievements and recognizing people go a long way toward building morale. Wherever you’re located, the United States, the UK, Canada, companies globally understand the importance of taking the time to reward performance. At your annual meeting for example, presenting those employees who have shown up day after day with a well-designed achievement certificate can have a profound impact. Or let’s say for example, there’s a member of your team who’s never missed a day. A perfect attendance certificate would be in order here.

Schools frequently hand out certificates of attendance. This is a terrific way to encourage students and get them excited about attending school. Well, somewhat excited anyway…Upon successful completion of the school year, they are presented with a professionally designed, modern certificate. Proud parents and happy students all the way around!

Different Types of Attendance Awards

Attendance achievement awards can be given for a variety of accomplishments in this area. For example, if you hold a training session, those participants who show up every day could be given a training attendance certification. Employee of the month certificates can also denote perfect attendance. Even the completion of an online seminar might result in a webinar attendance certificate. Volunteer organizations often give out attendance recognition for those who consistently help out and attend events at their annual meeting. From program attendance certificates, to a Perfect Attendance Certificate, to awards for health or even fire safety, you have the ability to create whatever achievement award you can dream up.

Generating Your Attendance Award Certificate

The process of developing a printable certificate is quite simple. In fact, with easy to customize templates you can create any type of achievement certificate. Starting with the existing form, you take it from there. 

It’s All About the Certificate Details

  • Include all relevant details. As these certificates deal with attendance records, you will want to make note of the time period for which the student, employee or whomever is the recipient of the attendance certificate is being recognized. A full year, or perhaps there are other circumstances surrounding his/her exceptional attendance record.
  • Think about the overall design and color scheme of the certificate. The template that you use can be adjusted in multiple ways. Color is an important element. For instance, for an educational attendance certificate you probably want to stay more on the informal, fun side. Whereas, in terms of a business, if presenting a certificate at an annual meeting, obviously you’re going to want to go with more toned down, formal colors and font.

Getting Creative with Your Attendance Award

  • Font choice is also key. You can create beautiful certificates simply by virtue of the font you select. That said, you don’t want to get too crazy with font style. Make sure that it suits the purpose of your certificate.
  • Add a company logo. Particularly great for business applications, being able to upload and integrate your logo really does help make your certificate exclusive to you.
  • Check and double check your text. The last thing you want on an otherwise professionally styled perfect attendance design is errors in spelling. This can quickly undermine your efforts. Ensure you have the proper spelling of the award recipient’s name.
  • You can then download your certificate PDF template and print it from your home computer. Fast, easy, printable certificates...no graphic design degree required!

An Unparalleled Certificate Maker!

Beyond certificates of attendance, there are a variety of template options from which you can choose. Literally, you can create and customize a certificate template for any occasion. Whatever your certain requirements, we have the design to accommodate them!