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A favorite pastime for many, the game of bingo has become a classic. And now you have the ability to create your own bingo cards online with Design Wizard’s bingo template. Easy to use, even easier to customize, our template makes it so that there’s always time enough to play some bingo!

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Bingo Fun Starts With a Template!

Need ideas for kid’s party activities? How about ideas for your next family gathering or special event? Why not play some bingo? Bingo is a great way to bring fun activities to any event. It’s an easy game that’s enjoyed by people of all ages. And now, with Design Wizard’s bingo themed template you can create bingo card after bingo card. You can even change up the style and the overall look of the card from one bingo game to the next. Activities for everyone to enjoy.

Your Resource for Creating a Great Bingo Night

Whether you’re looking to print out your bingo card or have some online gaming fun, we have the perfect templates to choose from. With a wide range of styles, colors, and looks, we’re taking bingo up a notch! This is no longer your grandmother’s bingo.

Step 1: Select Your Template from Our Extensive Bingo Library

With a ton of bingo looks to choose from, we’re certain you’re going to find the perfect card for your bingo night. And then of course you will be able to customize your blank bingo templates.

Step 2: Start Customizing the Free Blank Template

With any Design Wizard templates, be it for bingo, math games or anything else, the great thing is you can add your personal touch. Customize the color scheme of your card or how about the font style for the numbers. You can also play around with the background and overall design of your bingo template.

Step 3: Download Your New Bingo Game Card and Print the Blank Bingo Template 

You have the option of printing your bingo card or perhaps you want to get an online game of bingo going. It’s totally up to you!

Step 4: Choose Your Bingo Rules:

This one is up to you. There are many different variations of bingo. Choose one that suits your audience, and have fun!

Quiz Bingo - A Fresh Take on Bingo

Quiz bingo is a great variation of bingo. Like in any quiz, with quiz bingo, each team answers a number of questions but writes each answer on the number of the question on the quiz bingo card - a fresh take on bingo. To try quiz bingo, simply resize our templates to a bigger scale, print & download a copy per team.

Choose a Bingo Card Template for Kids or Adults

Bingo is a game that can be enjoyed by all ages.


Bingo: A Great Resource to Benefit Kids

Especially with many kids having to do their daily school lesson at home, bingo is one thing that parents can introduce to help make math and learning in general more fun! A truly helpful resource when it comes to number identification and listening skills, bingo could be a wonderful educational lesson for any child.


Bingo helps with math skills

Number recognition is important. Particularly for younger children, turning math into a game of bingo is a great educational resource.


Bingo offers a break from the grind

Kids also need a break in their day. Why not print out blank bingo cards and let them have a little fun!


Create your free bingo themed card together.

Even designing a card with your child can be a fun and educational activity in and of itself.

You Don’t Need to Be a Graphic Designer to Use Our Blank Bingo Templates

Literally anyone, even those new to online design, can create a professional-looking bingo card starting with a bingo inspired template. It’s super easy and our intuitive dashboard walks you through the steps. Isn’t it time you had a little more bingo in your life!