Why should your business run a giveaway?


Everyone wants to be a winner, which is why giveaways are such a hit on social media.

The chance to win $10,000 or a selection of our favorite goodies always piques our interest just on the off-chance that we might come out on top.

After all, someone’s got to win, right?

Giveaways don’t just appeal to consumers, though. In fact, running a giveaway can bring your brand incredible exposure, boost engagement, and get you tons more followers. Giveaway graphics are therefore an important part of the equation.


Source: Tailwind


According to research by Tailwind, Instagram accounts that run contests and giveaways get much more engagement than those that don’t, and they grow their followings 70% quicker.

It’s a no-brainer.

But if you want to get the traction you deserve, you’ve got to make your giveaway stand out, and that means creating eye-catching graphics to splash over social media.

Here’s how you can make your graphics beautiful while staying on brand:

Use High-Quality Images


There’s so many places to get images from these days that it’s no excuse to have blurry, dark pictures on your graphics.

Free stock photo sites, such as Pikwizard, are a great place to get professional-style snaps to incorporate into your designs, but you can also take or create your own photos.

For example, you can hire an illustrator to create a one-off image for your graphics, or you might decide to use your phone to take your own unique photo.

If you do this, remember to:

  • Use natural lighting to avoid blurriness and shadows
  • Create an attractive composition
  • Get used to your phone settings so you can use the best one for the picture
  • Play around with different orientations, poses, and setups

Once you snap the perfect photo, you can use an editing tool to take your photo to the next level. We love Design Wizard because they offer editing tools and a ton of other cool features to make the perfect branded giveaway graphics.

Getting the imagery right is the first step in creating a beautifully branded giveaway graphic.

Take PetFlow, for example.

This eCommerce store regularly runs giveaways where participants can win six month’s worth of pet food or branded pet goods. They carefully choose images of cute animals to engage potential participants and encourage them to take action.



Source: Petflow


This has increased PetFlow’s social media footprint and has helped them boost their rating on TrustPilot to 9.3 out of 10.


Use Brand Colors and Icons

You want people to instantly recognize your brand when they come across your giveaway on social media. This means using colors that are associated with your brand and any imagery that’s categorically “you” – for example, if you have a recognizable mascot, you might want to include that in your graphics.

When it comes to choosing what colors to use, it’s important that you don’t go completely left field and opt for something that’s not you.

This will make it difficult for people to associate your giveaway with your brand and is therefore less likely to increase your exposure and engagement.


Source: Dominoes


Take Dominoes, the world-famous pizza brand, as an example.

Their giveaway graphics incorporate their brand colors and the same fonts that they use on their website and in other marketing materials so people instantly know who is offering free pizza.


Keep It Consistent

Some social media channels support graphics more than others, and the majority of them feature different sizing requirements which you should adhere to if you want your images to stand out.



Source: Make A Website Hub


For example, these are the image dimensions for Twitter (find out the ideal dimensions for other social channels here).

As you can imagine, resizing each image for every social channel can be tedious. Thankfully, Design Wizard has an awesome magic resize feature that has each social media dimension pre-set so you don’t have to worry about remembering the specifics.

If you’re making different graphics for different channels, you still want to keep a cohesive design running through them so they are recognizable and all look like part of the same campaign.

You don’t want a Facebook graphic that’s green and blue with an illustration on it paired with a Twitter graphic that’s pink and orange and has a stock image on it. This will just be confusing for participants and it won’t help cement your brand in their minds.

Instead, you want to keep the design consistent across your different graphics while making sure they’re optimized for each social channel.


Source: Benefit Cosmetics


Take Benefit Cosmetics as an example.

They create different shaped graphics for Instagram Stories and normal Instagram posts to reflect the ideal dimensions. However, they keep the colors the same so that the graphics look like part of a wider campaign.



Source: Benefit Cosmetics Instagram



Creating Beautifully Branded Giveaway Graphics Doesn’t Have to Be Hard


You don’t have to be a design genius to make giveaway graphics that stand out.

Using a tool like Design Wizard makes the process so simple and fun. Within the creative dashboard you can upload your own images, bring in stock images from other sources, and add text and graphics over the top.

It’s really easy to upload your brand fonts, colors, and illustrations so you can drag and drop them onto your designs, plus you can automatically generate canvases in different sizes for different social media platforms.

By keeping things simple, you can quickly create a series of professional-looking graphics that you can share far and wide across social media – it’s a win-win situation for you as well as your participants.

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