Ireland is a hotbed of talent for all industries. Often known for big tech or big pharma, education as well as agriculture. Some of the world’s leading minds from all industries call Ireland home. The talent on offer in Ireland is also evidenced by the fact that the vast majority of major corporations locate their European headquarters in Ireland.


One area that Ireland might not necessarily be known for, but nevertheless has an abundance of talent, is leading minds in the marketing industry. Indeed for a lot of smaller businesses in Ireland, marketing can be an afterthought rather than viewed as the ultimate key to success. Maybe it’s the relatively small population that tends to drive less competition, meaning that some Irish businesses don’t have to be as inventive as their American counterparts when it comes to acquiring new customers.


Marketing template with graphic showing connection


The Irish have never had a problem with spinning a good yarn, which obviously translates very well into the marketing industry. There are some absolutely world class marketers in Ireland and it’s no surprise that when we tried to create a list of Ireland’s top 50 marketers, we really struggled to narrow it down to just 50.



Some of the marketers on our list are known the world over, some are known nationally and some are more well known at a local level. In fact, some of the marketers on our list aren’t well known at all. They’re “marketing snipers” that tend to stay in the background, all the while producing amazing campaigns that help businesses grow by generating new leads and new customers.


From social media to SEO, paid traffic to email marketing, PR to direct marketing and anything else in between, our list contains the Irish cream of the marketing crop.


If you are looking to add amazing people to your network, start connecting with them and following them today, because we can guarantee that they will teach you something new tomorrow.


Without further ado, here is the list of Ireland’s top 50 marketers (In no particular order):




Image of Lucy O'Donoghue

Lucy O’Donoghue

Image of Maricka Burke-Keogh

Maricka Burke-Keogh


Image of Felicity McCarthy

Felicity McCarthy


Image of Olan Hodnett

Olan Hodnett

Image of Cathal Quinn

Cathal Quinn

Image of David Anderson

David Anderson

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