It’s been 10 years since Instagram burst onto the social media scene and in that time it has amassed some groundbreaking statistics. To date, Instagram has:

  • 500+ million daily users
  • 4.2 billion likes per day
  • 95 million posts per day
  • Users who are, on average, 58 times more engaged than their Facebook counterparts.
  • 75% of users take an action such as visiting a website after looking at a brand’s post.

So as the best platform for organic engagement, it is surprising that it has very few built-in marketing tools compared to their ‘big brother’ platform, Facebook.

That’s why, in today’s post, we’ve created the ultimate toolkit of the world’s best Instagram marketing tools to help get your Instagram marketing strategy on the best possible trajectory for 2019.

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From Instagram automation and analytics to content creation and growth services, the following list will give you everything you need to stay on top on the world’s best visual content platform, and perhaps join some the 100 Best Instagram Accounts of 2019.


When it comes to Instagram marketing for business this tool hails itself as the “leading Instagram analytics and social media management tool” and has recently added Facebook scheduling to its arsenal. Prices are dependent on the size of your company but give you everything you need in order to optimize your Instagram marketing strategy including analytics, monitoring, and publishing.


Starting Price: €29

Free Trial: Yes (14 days)


Hashtags can be the making or breaking of a posts organic reach on Instagram. That’s where Ritetag swoops in to save the day! By providing “real time hashtag engagement” information, Ritetag provides you with the best hashtag suggestions for your post and for just $49 per year – it’s a bargain!


Starting Price: $49 per year

Free Trial: Yes (7 days)


If you’re looking to not only dominate the Instagram marketing scene but also every other avenue of your marketing efforts then HubSpot is the tool for you. While €740 per month may seem like a hefty investment, it is worth it for the overall advantage it will give you across your social media platforms when it comes to scheduling and reporting.


Starting Price: $749 per month (to avail of its social feature)

Free Trial: 30 days


If HubSpot isn’t quite within your budget at the moment, Crowdfire is a great alternative. Crowdfire allows your to schedule posts and helps you to discover similar content based on the interests of your business. With prices for SMB needs ranging from $9.99 to $37.48 per month, it’s a great way to dip your toe into Instagram marketing tools (and social media tools, more generally).


Starting Price: $9.99

Free Trial: Yes, in the form of free account with limited access.

Design Wizard

You need high-quality videos and images in order to stand out on Instagram – it is the world’s leading visual content platform after all! Design Wizard works like magic for your marketing. It is a simple to use graphic design tool that has thousands of easy-to-use templates and nifty features. Create highly-customized content that represents your business’ branding perfectly.


Starting Price: $9.99

Free Trial: Yes (14 days)


Sometimes finding the perfect ‘Instagram-able’ moment just isn’t an option so let Pikwizard take the stress out of finding the right image for your next Instagram post! Search their amazing selection of free stock photos, download to your computer and edit in minutes on the Design Wizard app. Never worry about a content blackout on Instagram again!


Starting Price: Free

Free Trial: n/a

Instagrowth Ninja

Instagrowth Ninja is an experiential Instagram marketing tool that will help your business grow a following through targeting, engaging and maintaining communication with your followers. These ninjas like and comment on followers’ posts in order to build a rapport with them, thus growing your following. Prices start at $59, it’s a great way to kick start your Instagram marketing and grow a loyal following.


Starting Price: $59

Free Trial: Yes (4 days)


Another ‘all-rounder’ for business owners looking for more than just an Instagram marketing tool. Buffer is a social media marketing tool that allows you to “manage all your social media accounts in one place” and therefore gives you everything you need to schedule and analyse your Instagram marketing efforts.


Starting Price: $0

Free Trial: Yes (7-14 days for paid plans)


If you’re looking for a single dashboard to schedule, monitor and analyse your Instagram marketing efforts (along with other platforms), Hootsuite is the tool for you. The dashboard itself is incredibly user-friendly and is available via desktop or smartphone app so you can work on the move.


Starting Price: $25 per month

Free Trial: Yes (30 days)

Story Heap

Social media stories are growing 15x faster than feed-based sharing so finding an Instagram marketing tool that helps you to utilise this feature is a must in 2019. A base-level account allows you to curate and analyze up to 100 uploads per month and has the added bonus of being integrated with Snapchat.


Starting Price: $49 per year

Free Trial: Yes (7 days)

Hopper HQ

The first fully-automated scheduling and planning tool for Instagram, Hopper HQ now supports Facebook and Twitter as well. With a highly visual focus, the platform aims to bring creativity back to social media scheduling, as well as free up time to concentrate on the areas of marketing you love most. Voted 5/5 for ease of use on Capterra, Hopper HQ is intuitive and supports photo, videos and carousel posts.


Starting Price: $19 monthly for Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and unlimited scheduling
(pricing calculator here)

Free Trial: Yes (14 days)

Social Blade

Instagram is arguably is the birthplace and home of the modern-day influencer and with the growth of influencer marketing comes new tools to help you get yourself into the game. Socialblade gives “global analytics for any content creator, live streamer or brand” and gives users the perfect tool to help research and launch their influencer marketing efforts.


Starting Price: FREE

Free Trial: n/a

Facebook Ads Manager

One of the many advantages that came with Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram in 2012 is the platforms extensive advertising capabilities. Create, review and report on all of your Instagram ad campaigns from the comfort of their desktop and mobile dashboard and extend your account’s reach at a budget that suits you.


Starting Price: $1

Free Trial: n/a

Social Report

One of the biggest pain points about Instagram marketing tools to date was the fact that few held the capability to schedule videos in advance – until Social Report came along and launched this feature in January 2019. Add that to all the ‘traditional’ scheduling and analytics features and Social Report is a real contender!


Starting Price: $49 per month

Free Trial: Yes (30 days)

Social Insight

Smartphones are great, but if social media marketing is part of the daily grind for you then moving things on to a computer can make life a whole lot easier. This is where Social Insight comes in and allows you to schedule and post to Instagram without having to worrying about approving it on your smartphone later.


Starting Price: $29 per month

Free Trial: Yes (14 days)

Repost for Instagram

Repost for Instagram is a great Instagram marketing tool when it comes to running competitions and showcasing user generated content. And the best of all? It’s completely free! Simply download it to your smartphone, sign in and away you go! It’s a great Instagram app.


Starting Price: Free

Free Trial: n/a

Auto Hash

Select the photo you wish to upload and Auto Hash will generate the best hashtags for your photo’s content. Best of all? They’re copy to clipboard feature takes the pain out of transferring their selected hashtags to your piece – simply copy and paste before posting and that’s it!


Starting Price: $0 (Free to download on iOS and Android)

Free Trial: n/a


If you’re looking for a social media marketing tool that focuses solely on Instagram, then later is the Instagram marketing tool for you. Later prides itself in the fact that its users can “plan a week of Instagram posts in 20 minutes” making it a must for business owners looking to save time.


Starting Price: $0

Free Trial: No but free account gives you enough scope to decide on an upgrade


Because the world of influencer marketing is relatively new, HypeAuditor’s mission is to make it “transparent, fair and effective”. Their tool works on a credit basis and helps you to analyze an Instagram account of your choosing for any fake followers or interactions – bringing Instagram back to its roots of interaction.


Starting Price: $1.99 (for 50 credits)

Free Trial: n/a


If you are a boutique owner or ecommerce business, Foursixty is going to be a revolutionary Instagram marketing tool for your business. Foursixty allows your to transform your posts into shoppable images that direct followers to your online store.


Starting Price: $50 per month

Free Trial: Yes (21 days)

Magic Social

Gaining a following on Instagram is arguably the hardest aspect of the platform to overcome and while there has been a lot of talk about the morals of rapid growth strategies, Magic Social provides an “Instagram growth service to grow real followers”. This Instagram marketing tool uses advanced growth techniques that guarantee a genuine following with no fake followers used to fluff up numbers.


Starting Price: $38 per month

Free Trial: No (but weekly options available from $15)


This handy WordPress plugin allows you to integrate your Instagram feed into your website and help drive traffic and engagement to your Instagram account.


Starting Price: $25 per month

Free Trial: n/a


If you want to discover how you rank against top competitors, uncover you competitors’ boosted content, explore new content ideas, and most important save hours on reporting, Socialinsider is the tool you were looking for.
Use Socialinsider and you will save time and impress clients with data they haven’t seen before.

Starting Price: $59 per month

Free Trial: 7 days

Comindware Tracker

If you are looking for easy and powerful tool to streamline your approval-based workflows, Comindware Tracker is the best choice. This workflow automation tool nails down the process involved in getting content out the door, especially when there are numerous stakeholders who need to provide input or review content. The tool is incredibly user-friendly and is available via desktop or mobile browser so you can complete your workflow tasks and collaborate with your team on the move.

Starting Price: $24.99/user/month (goes down as more users are added to an account)

Free Trial: 30 days

Regardless of your marketing budget, Instagram as a social media platform has the potential to put your business into the hands of the world’s most engaged audience.

With the help of the tools listed above you will not only help you launch yourself to insta-fame, but save your business hours of posting and plenty of grey hairs!

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