Make Your Dreams a Reality with an Online Vision Board

If you’re looking to get motivated, look no further than an online vision board. Vision boards are visual representations of the goals you want to achieve in your life. Whether your goals are big or small, they can be put onto one. There are also intuitive vision boards as source of guidance for the life your heart truly desires.


Use images that show what your life will be like when you accomplish your goals. They can cover both long term and short term targets. For example, you could create one that shows where you want to be after one week, one month or one year. The choice is yours.



They are very flexible, so you can create a unique design that accurately reflects your personality and interests. Start creating one right away and break out of the rut you’re stuck in. Don’t waste any time on your journey to success.

Create A Design

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Why Vision Boards Works

Online vision boards tend to be so effective because they give you a clear picture of what your life will be like if you put in the time and effort to achieve your goals. It isn’t just a once off reminder, it’s constantly present, and it consistently provides you with the motivation you need.


Put your board somewhere you’ll see it regularly, like your phone screen saver or on social media. You can also print out your board and place it on your bedroom wall or stick it in front of your desk at work.


When you’re creating your personalised image, you’re prompted to put serious thought into what your goals actually are and which direction you want your life to take. If you are unsure of what you want from life, they’re a good first step to correcting that. It helps give you focus and gives you the platform to start taking action.


Sometimes you need to grit your teeth and get a bit angry at yourself when you feel you’ve lost focus. Vision boards help you stay passionate and tap into the emotional side of motivation. They are also sometimes known as both dream boards and action boards, which is fitting, as they give you the platform to dream big and to act decisively.

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Planning your Vision Board


Chapter 2: Designing your Dream Board


Chapter 3: Tools for Creating a Vision Board Online


Chapter 4: Using your Vision Board to Achieve your Goals

Planning Your Vision Board

Before you begin creating your online vision board, have a clear idea of what you want it to look like. Think of all the things that you want to accomplish in your life and envisage how they would appear.

Contemplate what you’ll be doing, who you’ll be with, and where you’ll be. Then delve deeper into the feelings those visualizations evoke. Create your design based on which goals resonate with you the most.

Use Your Vision Board to Focus On What you Want

If you prefer, you can hone in on specific goals and give your design a theme. For example, maybe your main objective at the moment is to travel to a certain destination. If that’s the case, create a design that only shows images of that place and all the landmarks you want to see.

It’s crucial to decide on something that you really want to pursue. If you are striving for goals that don’t mean that much to you, then it’s no point creating a vision board for them.

Many people think they know what their goals are, but when they step back and examine why they’ve chosen to pursue them, they realise that those goals are a reflection of the society we live in.

While a big house, a nice car and lots of money are all great things to have, they might not be the goals that feel true to you. Take a more personal approach and try to find out what really makes you tick.

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Get Some Inspiration For Your Vision Board

Creating your online vision board online is a lot easier than making one by hand. Magazine cutouts used to be the main source of inspiration for vision boards, but there are now lots of online resources that you can use to create your design.

Design Wizard’s sister site PikWizard is one of those resources. PikWizard offers a free library of over 1 million stock images and videos, giving you plenty of options to choose from. There are such a huge variety of images available that you are guaranteed to find everything you need to create your design. When it comes to image quality and variety, there is no better place to find photos.

Curate Your Content for Your Vision Board

Pinterest is also a popular platform for finding images. You can pin your favorite images to boards and then use them in your vision board. It’s a good site for categorizing what you want to use and then narrowing it down. Pinterest isn’t the only social media site you can use to find images, there are plenty of pictures to discover on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr too.

Have a look at Other Vision Boards

To get ideas for your composition, it’s worth taking a look at what other people have already created. Sometimes looking at the finished piece can help you envisage what you want your design to end up like.

They might have included something that you had previously not thought of that could make your design look even better. That could be a goal you didn’t realize you wanted to achieve, an image that you want to use, or a design style that you’d like to implement.

Designing your Dream Board

The design of your online board can be just as important as the images you use on it. A poorly design is going to look anything but inspiring!

You should aim to create a vibrant, eye-catching composition that stands out. A vision board should convey the energy and positivity you need to become successful. It needs to be something that you’ll always notice and that you can quickly make sense of.

To make your vision of the future even clearer, you could include some images of yourself. Get pictures of yourself doing things you love, but would like to do more often. If it’s a goal you haven’t accomplished yet, you can photoshop yourself into different scenarios that you want to aim for.

Putting Images in The Right Place

When adding images to your online vision board, consider where you’re placing them. The most important goals should be represented by large images which highlight they are a priority.

That said, images in the design should complement each other. If one image is overshadowing another, you should definitely consider re-arranging them.

To customise your images, you could add borders or change the colour of the picture. If you’re using the standard collage-style vision board, don’t put similar images right beside each other.

You could mimic the style of a real life dream board when you create your vision board online. Make your images appear as if they have been taken from newspapers or magazines to get the look right. Add a handwritten-style font to complete the design.

Deciding on a Colour Scheme

Getting the colour scheme right is more important than you might think. Good colour choices can help to reinforce your determination to achieve the goals you’re pursuing.

For example, if you want to do more to help the environment in the future, use green in your design. Green is a colour that’s commonly associated with nature and environmental causes, so it’s a fitting choice for that type of composition.

Blue is a colour that displays mostly professional goals, as it is a colour that is often associated with business, professionalism and reliability.

Ultimately, it’s going to be the colour that means the most to you that has the most impact when you look at it. Even though colours like grey and brown might be dull and uninspiring to some, they can be invigorating for others.

Fonts for Vision Boards

Add a Suitable Font

Fonts can have a huge impact on how your online vision board appears. Depending on the font you choose, you can create a number of different looks. For example, some fonts will make your design look fun and relaxed, while other fonts might make it appear determined and focused.

If it contains lots of personal goals that are tied to family, travel, and personal development, you could pick a font that reflects this. You could choose to use fonts like Rancho, Satisfy, Passion One, or Great Vibes.

For a vision board with work and business goals, use a more formal font. Some good examples of this are Quicksand, Open Sans, Prompt, and Khula.

Choose a color for your font that fits in well with the overall design. You could pick either a complementary color or a contrasting color that enhances the aesthetic. For tips on using color and font, read our ‘Creative Ideas to Increase Sales‘ e-book.

Choosing Quotes To Use in Your Design

Quotes can be just as important as images for providing inspiration and motivation. You might have some quotes you’d like to use in mind, but if not, there are a ton of resources online that will help you find what you need.

Try to choose quotes that resonate with what you are going through at the moment. They don’t even have to be inspirational quotes per se, as long as they mean something to you. Browse through some famous quotes from your favourite books, movies and songs for ideas.

You could even choose a quote from a friend, family member, work colleague or mentor. Sometimes it can be the words of the people we know best that can hold the most importance for us.

Tools for creating a vision board online

There are a number of tools you can use to create vision boards online, but Design Wizard is the best platform for making a design that stands out.

Simply open a blank canvas and begin adding your images. You can choose from both Pikwizard and Design Wizard’s huge library of images or upload your own.

There are multiple template sizes available for creating your board, such as A5, A4 and A3. You can quickly switch sizes with just a few clicks. With Design Wizard, you can share your design online or download it and print it out.

Know What to Look for in a Design Tool

A good tool for making vision boards should have this wide range of choice. If there aren’t much images to pick from or it doesn’t have the required features, then you might as well be making one by hand!

Some other essential customisation options that Design Wizard has is the Shapes feature, which allows you to include text boxes and borders in your design.

Design Wizard’s personal colour palette allows you to pick the exact shade of colour that you’ll need for your design. You can use the dropper to find your custom shade and then save it for using again in another design. It’s easy to create an entire palette of custom colours in just a few minutes.

You can also add filters to any photos in your design. These filters include grayscale, vintage, sepia, technicolor and polaroid.

Using Your Board To Achieve Your Goals

Once you’ve created your vision board, it’s essential that you don’t just forget about it. Make sure that you look at it every single day to get the most value out of what you have created.

It’s best to stick to the initial design you create. While making edits every now and then can be beneficial for honing in on what you want, chopping and changing too much can prevent you from staying focused on your goals.

By looking at the exact same image all the time, it will be imprinted in your mind and your goals will be easier to realise.

Don’t Go it Alone

It’s a lot easier to go to the gym on a regular basis if you have someone to go with you. The same can be said about vision boards. It’s essentially a daily mental workout. If one of your friends has created an online vision board too, you might find it a lot easier to stay true to your goals.

Both of you can motivate each other to be your very best every day. If one of you is slacking off a bit, the other person can make sure that their eyes remain on the prize. You could employ a reward system to give you extra motivation. For example, every time you get closer to your goals you and your friend could go on a day out to celebrate.

Be Patient and You Will be Rewarded

A vision board isn’t the one fix for all that will suddenly transform your life. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication in the real world to get where you want to be.

It’s not as simple as making one and sticking it on your wall or putting it as your phone’s screensaver. That’s only the beginning. You need to make the effort every day to bring your dreams closer to being a reality.

Have patience with the methods you’ve chosen and wait it out until they bear fruit. This strategy has been proven to work for lots of people, so chances are they will work for you too.

Create a Digital Vision Board Online

Creating a vision board online is an easy way to create something professional-looking and visually appealing without the hassle of chopping, cutting, and pasting things on a sheet of paper. Design Wizard allows you to upload your own images to create a vision board of your own. Decorate it with shapes, colours and quotes to make it your very own.

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