The popularity of eBooks amongst consumers and B2B audiences continues to rise. Whether your eBook is distributed as a a content upgrades on your websites, a self-publishing platform such as Wattpad or commercial publishing site such as Amazon Kindle the one thing your eBook has to have is a cover that stands out on the digital shelf.

Here are my top tips for creating irresistible eBooks your audience can’t wait to read:

Stand out on the shelf

You’ve spent countless hours pouring over your story arc, characters and individual words. Now it’s time to make that investment worth it with an eye-catching book cover that will see your book jump off the shelf and into the hands of readers.

With Design Wizard it’s so easy to create Wattpad book covers. You can use one of our editable templates or start from scratch and use our extensive book cover image library to create a book cover that suits your category, genre or title. It takes just a few minutes to complete your design by adding text and color to your book cover image.

Dan Writer - 'Seconds to Disaster' cover example       Sarah Smith - 'The art of living' cover example

Find your style

Just like in business, every author or book should have a brand. A unique set of identifiers that makes your work instantly recognizable. Here are some examples of current book cover trends:

  • Typographical Focus
  • Illustration based
  • Close up photography
  • Atmospheric

Take note of the size of e-book cover art displayed on websites. The cover size is tiny. This means your book cover art needs to be simple and uncluttered. Only add the essential information such as title and author name and stick to large font sizes that are easy to read.

Anthony Writer - Loose Change' cover example    Steve Smith - 'Insane' cover example

Optimize for search

For new authors and businesses starting out this step is an absolute must have. Ensure your author, book and chapter descriptions contain keywords your target audience will search for. Add relevant tags and genres so you can easily be found. Not sure what keywords to use? Spend time trawling through the descriptions of successful books in your category. Try the free google display ad planner, not only will it give you information on the most searched words related to your book, it will provide you with demographic insights so you can tailor your description. Spend time trawling through the descriptions of successful books in your category. Armed with this information and creative wordsmith-ing skills you’re sure to come up with an outstanding, keyword rich description.

Build your audience

You can share your cover art easily with the magic resize button in Design Wizard. This makes it really fast to create social media posts to spread the word about your book. You can schedule these using Buffer so you can plan your posts and get back to the writing your next chapter! Use the embed code option to share your image far and wide. For this I would recommend you create a leader-board ad sized image and a square image such as the Instagram sized image. This will provide you with the most placement options.

Jessica Smith - 'How to become unpopular' cover example    Danny Smith - 'Rouge' cover example


Rachel Surname - 'Anonymous' cover example    Rachel Author - 'The Imposter' cover example

Share quotes

Use quotes from your book or capture to capture the imagination of your audience. This is a really effective way to draw readers in and promote each chapter of your book. Here are a few tips on sharing your quotes on Pinterest and Instagram. Convert your Pinterest account to a business account. This allows you to hyperlink your posts directly to your Wattpad profile or chapter. Be sure to optimize your Pinterest description with keywords and description. Create boards with pins that would be of interest to your readers. For Instagram, remember that images can’t be hyperlinked so be sure to place a relevant link in your bio (this can be updated regularly) and clearly state the name of your profile or book in the description. Instagram users expect you to be active in the community so you will need to regularly like, comment and follow users. Include hashtags in every post to boost visibility!

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